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Zone-00 FAQ

Hello dear Deviant!

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions =3
(Or something like that xD)
  • What is this group about?
    Like the name of the group says; we are a group for Zone-00 fans =D
  • What is Zone-00?
    It is a japanese comic (Manga) written and drawn by the artist of Trinity Blood, Kiyo QJO.
  • Never heard of it, where do you get it?
    It is available (as far as I know) in any book store if you order it.
    There are presently only 2 volumes out in North America, the third is going to come out in January 2010.
    If I remember well there are 5 volumes out in Japan.
    For more information Google or Wikipedia are your friends. Look it up ;3
  • How do we Join?
    To become a member you simply have to click the Join our Group in the big blue header when you are on our main page.
    If for a reason or another you do not have that header, the "Join our Group link will be beside the Send a Note button.
    You can also decide to only be a watcher by simply watching us. This is done the same way as a normal deviant.
  • What is the difference between a watcher and a member?
    A member as more privileges then a watcher. While a member can submit art and favourites, a watcher can not do so.
  • How do I submit art and favourites?
    To submit something you need to click Contribute Art in the big blue header.
    To add a favourite you have to click Suggest a Fave in the same header.
    If you do not have the blue header, you only need to click your avatar to have those options.
  • How do I Affiliate ?
    To Affiliate with us you have to click the Affiliate button in the same "tool bar" where your icon is.

If you have any question that have not been answered here, please ask it in the comments or in a note ;3

It is always helpful to know what our members (and members to be) want to know ;3

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Well will you look at that. If I left it going this would have stayed another year without any update!

I'm still a very big fan of Zone-00 but I have not been staying updated with what the heck is going on since there are no new English translation being made officially.

I'm looking for anyone that thinks they can do it. I don't really care if you have the time or not or if you are a new dA member or an oldy. What I would adore is for this group to live ^^

Last time I chose a new founder for a group he got deleted and now that group is in limbo somewhere :/

So.... Anyone up to it ?
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Soras-Girl-4-Eva Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015
I don't know how active this fan group is, but in case you haven't heard, have picked up the project! They're currently looking for experienced cleaners and translators/proofreaders, so if you think you can help please check them out!!
Iiwi Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Does anyone know if Zone-00 will get picked up with another publisher after volume 4 was the last to be published before Tokyopop America went defunct? I love this series v.v!
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sky-bloody Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Thank you for accepting me I love Zone-00 XD
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Thank you for letting me join :)
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