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New project !

2 min read
Couv-fb by ZondaC12

Hi guys, I am very happy, glad and ambitious to present my new project !

Photos-Automobiles.com is a collaborative website between french automotive photographers. We are a team of 8 guys, trying to provide the best we can :)

The website already existed (it's been up since 2008), but has always felt quite "amateurish". I thought the concept was really cool and had a lot of potential, so a few month ago I started thinking... As I've always been a fan of the Do it yourself motto, here I was, diving in the great web developping sea !

Responsive Showcase Mockup Pack by ZondaC12

Hours of hard work, sleepless nights developping the website ... but finaly, everything is (well, at least seem to be ^^) working ! I designed every single bits of it, so I'm responsible for everything that doesn't work :p

My first big project with Joomla, a really great platform for this kind of website. Also, I am far from a pro and I'm sure a few glitches might appear, don't hesitate to report them :)

Everything is in french right now, but who knows what he future will bring. Would be cool to expand internationaly !

You will defintely find some cool photos there. The best ? All of them are in 1600px, so yes, wallpaper paradize !

Wishing you a great weekend from myself and the team of Photos-Automobiles ;)

Our Fb page

Profil-fb by ZondaC12

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Website and FB page

2 min read

After a few years of learning (ok, trying to...) HTML, forgetting about it, hating how it looks, etc... my website looks finally over... I think anybody who tried themselves to this kind of things can understand the pleasure :D Everything done by hand, except the jQuery plugin displaying the pictures (which is this one: pikachoose.com/ , thanks a lot to him for sharing !).
If you have any remark, please don't hesitate to tell :)

Here is the adress: www.loickernen.com/

And I also took the occasion to set a FB page (not a big fan of those, but hey, any advertisement is good advertisement right??), here you go: www.facebook.com/LoicKernenPho…

On the other hand, I haven't shot much this days (...ok weeks (...ok months!)), I am getting a bit tired of cars :( I want to shoot planes!!
My D200 is also getting old, and maybe that's why I'm getting a bit bored of shooting. I want something new but really can't afford one @ the moment (just a D3 pleaaaase)..

I'll try to do some updates as soon as I have some great stuff to post ...

Cheers !
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Thoughts for Uwe

1 min read
I couldnt believe what I read today on the news, Uwe Gemballa has been reported missing for 1 week after going to Johannesburg.

I can't say I know the guy very much, be I spoke with him a few times (in person and over the phone), and I respect his work a lot (and I know he respects mine). You'll notice that I don't write at the past as there is still hope, but missing for 1 week in South Africa :/

I talked by mail with a friend working there and things don't look good for the compagny either without him at the lead. We really hope he will come back safe.

Lets keep our thoughts for his family and friends...

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Help finding me a web designer !

2 min read
Hi everyone, I'm usually not into that journal stuff, but I need you help... :)

Ok, I've been using my blog for quite a while now (paganikon.blogspot.com/), it's great and easy, but you will admit it doesn't look very professionnal...

So lately I've been trying to find a great web design firm (or freelance), but it's completely jungle out there.
I thought you just had to google "web designer", would get some nice results and just had to pick up the one you prefer. I was quite wrong :D

I don't want something very specific, I just want a nice pro portfolio (flash would totally be a must), shouldn't be that hard to find??
I've been through that company : www.livebooks.com/ . Their work is totally what I am looking for (see an example here www.regislefeburephoto.com/ , + you can admire the awesome work of the guy =p ). But look at their prices???!!! $3,200 for the complete package (+ $90/year for hosting), is getting a good website really that expensive??

So, if you have any idea (something you are using that you are very happy with, somebody you know who does some great work, etc...), I would really like to hear them :)

Thanks for your time!
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1 min read
I liked that car, pushes like hell... :)
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