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After a few years of learning (ok, trying to...) HTML, forgetting about it, hating how it looks, etc... my website looks finally over... I think anybody who tried themselves to this kind of things can understand the pleasure :D Everything done by hand, except the jQuery plugin displaying the pictures (which is this one: , thanks a lot to him for sharing !).
If you have any remark, please don't hesitate to tell :)

Here is the adress:

And I also took the occasion to set a FB page (not a big fan of those, but hey, any advertisement is good advertisement right??), here you go:…

On the other hand, I haven't shot much this days (...ok weeks (...ok months!)), I am getting a bit tired of cars :( I want to shoot planes!!
My D200 is also getting old, and maybe that's why I'm getting a bit bored of shooting. I want something new but really can't afford one @ the moment (just a D3 pleaaaase)..

I'll try to do some updates as soon as I have some great stuff to post ...

Cheers !
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Great portfolio! I'm impressed that you did it by hand. I love the clean design... and gorgeous photos as well, of course.

Here is mine: [link]

Not as functional as yours, but still very simplistic.
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Better (very) late than never... I've just 'Liked' your Facebook page. Still enjoying your pics, even if I'm not very active on dA at the moment...