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Hi guys, I am very happy, glad and ambitious to present my new project ! is a collaborative website between french automotive photographers. We are a team of 8 guys, trying to provide the best we can :)

The website already existed (it's been up since 2008), but has always felt quite "amateurish". I thought the concept was really cool and had a lot of potential, so a few month ago I started thinking... As I've always been a fan of the Do it yourself motto, here I was, diving in the great web developping sea !

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Hours of hard work, sleepless nights developping the website ... but finaly, everything is (well, at least seem to be ^^) working ! I designed every single bits of it, so I'm responsible for everything that doesn't work :p

My first big project with Joomla, a really great platform for this kind of website. Also, I am far from a pro and I'm sure a few glitches might appear, don't hesitate to report them :)

Everything is in french right now, but who knows what he future will bring. Would be cool to expand internationaly !

You will defintely find some cool photos there. The best ? All of them are in 1600px, so yes, wallpaper paradize !

Wishing you a great weekend from myself and the team of Photos-Automobiles ;)
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Bien joué, sympa le design!
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The website is great! But any chance of making it available in English in the future?
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There are no immediate plans at the moment. But I am pretty sure that if we expand the team in the future, we will need to switch to English for you guys :)
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Hurray! I wish you and your team the best of luck. You guys are making some brilliant photographs! One of them in fact is my desktop wallpaper right now. :thumbsup: I know you will expand globally before you know it. :)