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Overlord: Legacy of Evil - Part 7
Necrotic energies emanate from the center of the city.
    From within this cascade of vile magics is Prince Varrem himself performing incantations and rituals for raising and binding the undead to his will.  Guarding him from any trespassers are his deranged horde of minions.  The Reds and Greens are on the rooftops, ready to rain death upon anyone who does not bend to the will of their master.  The Browns are armed to the teeth as they patrol the streets looking for anyone or anything to beat up, and the Blues are hidden in secret conclaves around the city, ready to rush in and blink past enemies to recover and revive fallen minions.  No one will interrupt the master as he collects a new army courtesy of his elder brother's ignorance.
    The ritual will take some time to be completed so he cannot be distracted by any trespassers.  But in the cause of any unforeseen threats that my come to hinder his plans, his newest enfo
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Mirth by Zonagon
Mature content
Mirth :iconzonagon:Zonagon 1 0
The Neophyte Twins by Zonagon The Neophyte Twins :iconzonagon:Zonagon 2 0 Dwarf Concept Art by Zonagon Dwarf Concept Art :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 0 The Berserker by Zonagon The Berserker :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 0
AQ3D: The Legend of Zonagon
   Let me tell you of the origin of one of the Legendary Founders of AdventureQuest 3D.  His adventures in AQ3D began when his fortress was assaulted by the Evil Undead.  While many of his brothers and sisters were garbed in the standard issue of the Guardians, he was wearing the armor worn only by the Guardians of the Highest Honor.  His armor was adorned in golden dragons, his cape was a piercing blue with golden adornments, and his blade was large and barbed with steel dragon claws and wings.  They held the line long and hard against the onslaught of the Evil Undead, as they waited for reinforcements to arrive to aid them in the defense.
    The gates cracked and rumbled from the undead assault, bringing waves of cold terror into the hearts of the Guardians inside.  The Captain however stared out at the gate ready to die for Lore, but these men and women were crippled in fear of what lies beyond the gates.  These were new recruits th
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{Coming Soon} by Zonagon {Coming Soon} :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 0 Marco by Zonagon Marco :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 3
Overlord: Legacy of Evil - Part 6
A tainted city rots in the swamp it was built around.
In all honesty, this was not the best place to put a city in, especially one that's named "Heaven's Peak".  The castle on the top of the hill the city was built around however remains as the looted shambles of mossy stone walls, tattered rugs and curtains that it was left as for decades.  The town below is actually much worse for wear then the castle is.  Think of the slums back where the Glorious Empire once ruled.  You know, the one with all of those sad pathetic slaves who were eventually sent to their deaths in the Arena, only with the Undead.
What?  Oh yes there's still an overabundance of the walking dead in the swamps and deep in the sewers.  Heck, they're even in the rivers.  You'd think that the citizens would leave or hide up in the castle.  Well, they would leave if they were healthy enough what with all of the illnesses they face along with the undead and fl
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THE SKELETON KING by Zonagon THE SKELETON KING :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 0 Grimsbane Portrait by Zonagon Grimsbane Portrait :iconzonagon:Zonagon 3 0 Larua Rex by Zonagon Larua Rex :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 0 Mala by Zonagon Mala :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 0 Painting the Roses Red by Zonagon Painting the Roses Red :iconzonagon:Zonagon 0 0
Castle Angie - Introduction
    A gallant knight strode to the lone castle high in the desolate mountains.  Here is where the King’s beautiful daughter, Princess Angelica, is kept locked away from her home.  The knight lifted up his visor to reveal his dashing face.  He looked proud and brilliant.  He would rescue the princess from this prison and return her home, marry her, and become the next King.  All the riches and power of the kingdom would be his once he claimed the princess as his own.  With the thought of how beautiful the princess would be, he strode off into the castle’s gateway to claim his prize.
    From a secret passage from the castle wall came a lovely looking woman wearing a simple tan dress and leather apron.  She held a wooden sign and a mallet in each hand, and she seemed a little tired.  Placing the sign to face where the knight had just came from, she hammered it down and took a good look at her handiwork.
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Oaken Stallion - Short Story
Winter wasn't always such a cheerful season for me.  In my homeland, Winter was always the season of cold despair, and not a time for gift giving and warm smiles.  We didn't decorate our homes with pines, candles, and such warm colors that you people are used to.  When a man would enter our homes dressed in elaborate furs, he would come to take, rather than give.  However, there is one memory from my childhood of this season that brought me some sense of happiness.
My wooden horse.
Ever since I was a small boy, I had admired the superb nobility that emanated from the great steeds of the Knights of the realm.  Their glorious might they had as they rode across the plains always made me stare in awe.  I was just a simple farm boy in the country with my mother and father.  My father knew how much I wanted to be a Knight just like the ones who follow our King on his holy quest through the lands.
But a commoner could never have such a chance, for the
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Law of Talos: Round 1 End
The deadline for Round 1 for LoT has officially passed!  Here are the match-ups again, and the entries!
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After so long away from my computer I'm finally back from College and the mundane day-to-day.
I'm so glad I'm done with College so I can just deal with work and house work.
But I did need a few months to settle after all that baggage I had to unload.
Not a great time for my Therapist either!
Putting Real Life aside for a moment...

Legacy of Evil has just been updated with it's newest chapter.
Time has allowed me to hone my craft at the written word so the latest works I might create will be a definite upgrade to what they once were.
(I Hope).
The following chapters will not necessarily be restricted to the manner their predecessors were bound by.
Meaning the Point of View will no longer swap every time a chapter ends and a new one begins.
(Part1:Good, Part2:Evil, Part3:Good, Part4:Evil, etc)
The Point of View will swap whenever the story requires it to happen.
You will see this occur in Part 7 of LoE.

So I hope you guys will like how the current Part portrays itself, more will be along the way soon, and like always...

Good Luck in the Future, Friends!
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I am Zonagon, an ancient and powerful Celestial Starweaver. I summon forth life upon worlds and test their resolve. And here I shall share with you some of their great and mighty tales...

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