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Trixie studying

eh, felt like drawing ponies today

edit: how? wh-i went to bed and when i woke up there were SO MANY NOTES on this?
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Somebody looks stressed. Has she been up all night doing this?
I love her, i love her so much Heart Heart Heart Heart 
I imagine Trixie values magic just as much Twilight does, but has a different philosophy since Trixie is probably more impatient than Twilight. Like one who prefers practice over book learning.
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I can just imagine that being a list of books Trixie is supposed to read, reasons dependent on headcanon, and she's freaking out at the sheer numbers of them. I can't see Trixie as being nearly as book-loving as Twilight.
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Perhaps, after confusing ursa majors and minors, she has learned the value of diligent study?
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She looks so cute with the messy mane :iconblueheartplz:
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"W-what? My exam is tomorrow? No more shows today... time for studying!"

Beautiful work
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This is a sweet picture. :) Trixie's quite adorable without her hat and cape, too.
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That is so Twilight~
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So even though she & Twilie went to the same school, their abilities turned out different. Trixie concentrated on just magic & its properties while Twilight read everything she could get her hooves on & its relation to magic.
Cool seeing Trixie in her element!
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This is really good :D
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Confused? Congrats on making the EQD Drawfriend.

Trixie looks adorable with her face all screwed up in concentration like that.
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wow, that was FAST if it was in the drawfriend last night.
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I really like how you did her mane and facial expression. She actually looks like she's studying for a big test or something. Very nice work. :)
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Nice uncombed hair look, I think its cute on her :)
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Why is her CM is not complete?
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it is complete, it's just at an angle
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IMHO it wold be more interestic if her CM would be incomplete. Without the 'trickstery' element. Like she's realy only into magic, as Twi student in alternate dimension or something. Maybe I'm thinking too much.
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If I were you, I would have drawn her magnificent eyebrows.

But, then again, I am not you.
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Inb4 she's Twilight's student.
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This is adorable :3
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Study hard, study well Trixie. Nice job.
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