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Full rewrite of the gtk2/gtk3 themes. Includes themes for cinnamon, openbox, xfwm, pekwm and tint2. Unity support is included, but it's not so great.

Font is cure, from the Artwiz font pack (install guide).
Icons are Faenza and Variations.
Gedit color scheme
Audacious skin

v1.5 (3/17/16)
• Cinnamon theme rewrite
• gtk3 tab padding reduction
• Fixes to unselected tab close button
• Fixes to terminal tabs

• gtk3 toolbar, menubar padding reduction
• gtk3 Menubar text color
• gtk3 Tweaks to seekbars
• Metacity text color

• Fixed resize bug with some applications

• gtk2 menu arrow selected
• gtk2 input padding
• gtk2 progress bar height
• Added style for Reddit Reader desklet in Cinnamon theme

• Selected text color on buttons and combo boxes in Firefox
• Install Unity and spend about a week working on the theme (multiple polls show it's in the top two most used DEs)
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do you have plan to update this?

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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist

No, sorry. It takes a team anymore to maintain a theme, due to the constant gtk3 changes.

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dude is this still alive? I mean I installed the Theme but I don't have the orange bar on the left side for some reason ? :O 
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actually now that I look at it, its completely different for some reason and messed up. I should also add that am installing it on Ubuntu 18 
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Man.....this theme is uber sick---thnx!
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
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Love this - and I'm notoriously picky.  There's a level of fit and finish here that goes far beyond the norm - I'm very impressed.  Is it possible to get this with blue elements instead of orange?
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks very much. I can do that, but it'll take a while, due to gtk2.
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Take as long as you like. You're the artist which means it's on your time and graciousness, for which I'm very grateful.  Whatever you do suits me and thank you very much. :)
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi. Sorry I haven't updated you on progress. I got the flu soon after you responded, and I was sick and thinking about having to maintain two versions of this theme, which scared me a little. This one is already so out of date, it's almost broken.
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This is incredible
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
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functaireProfessional Interface Designer
Great theme, I love it. Is it on Github somewhere? I'd like to make a few improvements.
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
That would be most welcome. github.com/tacojones/Diehard4
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Received the PM and sent back to you!

Keep up the great work! :)
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, cool. Thanks for your input. I'll look into it some more and see what I can come up with.
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You just need to create a lighter color for the Pane bars, and I don't think that will take away from the aesthetics of the theme at all.

Ok on the folder...

Don't laugh my distro uses gtk+3-3.8.2...
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
I PM'd you a link to a version with colored panes. It'd be hard to make it work in a way I'd be happy with. I think. I'm not sure. Maybe I need to get used to it.

It looks like those gtk elements aren't supported until version 3.14. The guy who made Numix tells people to either upgrade gtk or ignore the errors, as they're harmless. I went ahead and commented them out.
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Hi zomby,

Thank you very much for keeping this alive.

I am still seeing the same issue as before with SpaceFM, so I hope this is something that can be changed, I know you did make a change.

1. Here is an image to show the look I was hoping could of been created. When you look at the image below you will see 'red dots' to represent
the areas that have dividers, and what I noticed in your new theme is that there are 3 orange dots to represent these areas.


2. Here is a screen shot below of your theme showing the three orange dots. I placed in the top section of the screen shot above the dots red circles, and
in the botom section to the left of the dots another red circle.


In all these areas instead of the dots, there is no way for you to make a Visible Divider instead of just the dots? Also if you look at the three sections of dots at the top section of the
file manager, going left to right, or either direction, they are not inline with each other, they are all at different heights, which looks odd.

I noticed you have a folder.png, which appears in the screen shot you have of the theme here on deviantart.com. But how is this
suppose to be loaded? I use LXAppearance in Openbox, and it's always been my understanding in Linux, in order to get icons to load, you need
them setup in an icons directory to work, so I'm lost here, as to what is going on with this?

I noticed these messages when I'm starting transmission-gtk from the terminal;

(transmission-gtk:4812): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-main.css:231:20: Missing name of pseudo-class

(transmission-gtk:4812): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-main.css:267:29: Missing name of pseudo-class

(transmission-gtk:4812): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-main.css:273:29: Missing name of pseudo-class

(transmission-gtk:4812): Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-main.css:280:29: Missing name of pseudo-class

Thanks again for your time zomby, keep up the great work!
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. You got me motivated to finish this theme, and I'm thankful for that. It's rewarding to finish a theme, and to get feedback on it. The three dots are wonky vertically because they're being stretched. I couldn't figure that one out at the time, and forgot about it. Though to have a more visible separation between panes, I'll need to replace the dots with something else. The other option is to make the sidebar and folder pane backgrounds darker colors, like the theme in your first screenshot. But it would change the aesthetic of the entire theme pretty radically. I'd then have to darken progress bars to be visible with all applications, for example. It's like a slippery slope. That's what makes this a hard one to remedy.

I included the folder icon because I've had requests for it. There's no way to package it so it would replace the folder icons in a user's current icon theme. Here, I installed an icon theme I like -- in my case Faenza (darkest) -- into ~/.icons, and overwrote the folder icons manually (~/.icons/Faenza/places/48).

The gtk error messages in the terminal are here as well. It's due to our current version of gtk3 not supporting pseudo classes. It's messy how I'm dealing with it, but newer versions of gtk might be slightly broken without those classes. Gtk devs have added new features like "button:checked," which I'm not even sure what that is. The problem will correct itself when our versions of gtk are updated. I might get rid of them anyway, as newer gtk might use a fallback for those classes anyway.
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
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josk83Hobbyist Traditional Artist
fantastic. with active/backdrop window borders its just perfect
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zombyHobbyist Digital Artist
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