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All I drew when I was a kid was dinosaurs, no joke. Felt like being nostalgic.
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Trex would have feathers
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wait instead of attacking each other there workin with eachother! T-rex [lol]  Pumpkin? 
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Raarr! nice water colos!
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(This is a compliment) It looks like a mutated Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops
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i dont lik dinosars
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Love your art. The contrast between the line art scribbles and the smuged background is awesome.
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cool wish i could draw like that 
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Now that's a badass picture! :thumbsup:
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Most ferocious creatures who walk the earth!
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I know how you feel. I once got in trouble in elementary school when my teacher caught me drawing dinosaurs on the back of my test sheet.
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this is soooo awesome! :la:
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Wow, looks really good!
Great work! :D :+fav:
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nicely done!
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If scientists wanted dino DNA couldent they use oil? its pretty much liquid dinosaurs
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that looks so amazing :) i loved dinos as a child too actualy ive started drawing um again too hahaha :) but yeah i just love those dinos :) your art work is realy cool :D
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this is awesome!! I especially like how the fade towards the bottom, it gives that feeling of dust being kicked up
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thats all i drew when i was younger to!
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Absalutly amazing
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me too. BTW:
shit, did i just watch jurassic park?
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my baby bro luvs it
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