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The Killing Intent

By ZombPunk
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Yup, I know it's not the most original pose, but I figure you gotta draw Ryu about to throw a fire ball at least once in your life time.
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beautiful, beautiful! Wonderful!
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VERY good take on the subject. Excellent coloring, excellent line art.
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Wah?! Where's Ken?! Ryu's so angry! love it! XD He's gonna kill us all yay! XD
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wow, really awesome ryu! i really like the lighting effect.
It may not be the most original pose, but its still cool as!
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Wow, that's crazy good. For some reason it reminds me of the Street Fighter Alpha movie.
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baddass indeed
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i like the colors you chose, good job
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Wow... It's been a while since I even thought of Street Fighter™ fanart... And that's some fine example of that right there...

Sweet lookin' Evil Ryu right there. Love it.

And... What other pose would Ryu have? Hadouken's the only good thing he ever does anyway. His moves certainly aren't karate, I'll tell ya that. Certainly not Shotokan.
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Yeah! One of the few times in my life where I can actually sit down, and enjoy the purple! The aggression's the best!
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well yeah its the staple of our generation to draw street fighter characters, this pic is amazing on many levels man, colours, pose, details, all awesome work... if this was a street fighter moove it would be an amazing 20 hit combo finisher :w00t:
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Wow great choice of color.Good work.
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^School em Zomb, Purple is the color of Evil. I tried to told these people but they dont wanna believe. Awesome work though dude. Your lighting effects are amazing in this piece and the energy of the pic is killer too. Glowing red eyes...sealz the deal.
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purple? i would only guess this is evil ryu to understand what's going on.

i love ur colouring and shading man. you put so much definition in his muscles... this makes ryu a helluva lot more intimidating. like it man
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holy shit thats badass!
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