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I've been keeping helluva busy these past few months... I hardly have energy to do much, I do school, I work, and I dedicate the rest of my time to friends irl... I've lost a lot of internet activity.

OKAY. So this is what I've been doing
- finishing senior year at high school
- completing senior project
- been secretly followed by last year's English teacher
- contributing to Dev's M&B story, though admittedly not as much as I feel I should

My first nine weeks of school were a BITCH. I have geometry all year, and I also had to take a math prof. class for failing my math PSSA exams... So I was not happy with having two math classes on one schedule, but I think my re-exam went a lot better.
Another hard class was economics, but Mr. Brown was a really awesomely funny man, so I looked forward to his class even though it was a lot of hard work. He's quite silly, once during a test he made us draw tic-tac-toe boards on our papers, and he went around the room playing with everyone. XD

The senior project is also difficult. I'm from the U.S., so I'm not sure if people outside the states deal with them. I know that not all the states require a senior project, and that each school has a different project. Mine requires-
- a research paper
- a letter of intent/letter of approval
- 100 hours of logged volunteer work or job shadowing
- a 3 minute junior speech
- 20 photos (10 with me in them)
- a presentation with photos, typed captions, and a 7 minute speech.

My project has involved job shadowing a librarian, and it's harder than it looks. I use the library's microfilm machine to read newspapers from the 1950s, then I write down the names and dates of all the obituaries. Then, when I get a lot of them, I go to type them out on index cards, then I alphabetize them, and then I add them to the index catalog of all the dead people. Occasionally I have another job, and help a patron use the machines or print something, but that's basically what I do. Mondays are hardest, because I go for 6 straight hours after 6 school hours, so I'm busy for 12 hours. x.x
However, I'm really considering getting a job as either a librarian or a teacher, so this is a good opportunity for me, and while it's hard, I'm glad I have to do it.

I also think I have a secret admirer, who's a teacher. >_>; He just stares at me all the time, and if I try to look at him he looks away or pretends I'm not there, and that's really unusual since most of my teachers at least smile in my direction if we see each other. >.O

OH! And I no longer have my cool sub account. It sucks, I really miss it already. XD

I wish I had more people to talk to about my teacher...

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 23, 2011, 1:33 PM
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Cheap Adoptables.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 6:16 PM
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Anyone want a Google+ account?

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 11:39 AM
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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 5:40 AM
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 12:08 PM
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Free Snivys to a good home.

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 30, 2011, 8:43 PM
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Will draw or write for points.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 25, 2011, 9:08 AM
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Harry Potter

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 21, 2011, 12:07 PM
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I actually got to see the last movie, which I wasn't sure I was going to do. I'm so glad I had the chance. There is no better place to cry until you're in pain than a dark theater full of people you don't know.

If any of you saw it, I'd be happy to discuss the saddest and most awesome moments from it.

The only parts I disliked:
Fred doesn't get his death displayed.
We don't see Scorpius's face!

And those were two parts I was looking forward to, that didn't happen. But, Molly got to keep the line, "Not my daughter, you bitch!", so that was worth a fist-bump with Carl. :D

Damnit, psychic!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 21, 2011, 9:25 AM
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I've never been more disgusted with myself in my life. And I haven't even done anything yet.
My mom went to see a psychic while I was at a friend's house, and I guess the psychic told her I was going to have my first real relationship with a thirty year old man who said he was single but I guess he was married... and I have his child or something. So now I'm promising myself not to involve myself with men, ever, unless they are absolutely a platonic friend or gay or asexual. Considering I'm asexual, and genderless, I should have scoffed at the prediction, but my strong belief in spiritualism and psychics in general is a very hard thing for me to shake off. I hardly believe it at all, I guess, but what bothers me more isn't really me believing it, but my mother believing it. Now she thinks she "knows something" about me, and must think I'm going to be a homewrecker when I'm older... Damnit, I hate this blind faith she has.
The psychic also said I wanted to visit Seattle, New Mexico, and Canada. I DO want to visit Seattle ( :iconsasoisluv: is nearby, and it's a fantastic city, and I don't keep my love for the place a secret), but wtf. New Mexico and Canada? No offense if any of you live there, because none is meant, but I don't know what I'm supposed to be finding is so great about those place that I'd want to visit. I have no reason to want to go there. I have only desired to go to Seattle.
Apparently this psychic was also able to describe my mom's dreams in detail, which is what bought her faith.
Also, the psychic told her my sister doesn't have long to live. I actually don't mind if that part is true, and if you know me well, you know why.

I guess what worries me most is my mother now thinks she knows everything about my life. This is beyond disturbing, considering what that life contains, apparently. It's like no matter how good of a person I am now, she "knows" it will all lead to me sleeping with some married dude and having an unplanned baby. I want to kick this psychic so hard. Goddamnit, what makes them think they have the right to tell my mother such a horrible lie?!

Okay, I'll stop fretting over this in this post... I just want someone to wake up so I can talk to them. And possibly cry. Because it's scary, even if I don't believe it, because... what if? Oh god, what if?!

Artwork Haitus Ending?

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 14, 2011, 12:46 PM
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Throughout the schoolyear I went through a drought of creativity, which is ironic because it was during my school year that I got a tablet. It was sadly dusty throughout my last semester, and I barely made an effort to draw even in traditional means, due to sitting too close to loud people. I HATE loud, nosy people. Especially when I want to write or draw, and they want to see what it is. Yeah, I hate showing unfinished work. So I ceased to do any at all.

But now school is over and I'm getting settled into a routine that doesn't have any exams in it. And I've been talking to friends more. And... well, maybe I'm ready to get back to the tablet thing and try drawing. I've missed the culture of DA, I always do. I'm ready to return.

So until I find a job, it's back to art stuff for me. I hope that I've improved... I have a better tool (tablet as opposed to mouse or laptop touchpad) and better resources.

So, my friends, I'm back!

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon May 16, 2011, 2:04 PM

Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday, it was a good day for me. ^_^ I haven't been on to update in awhile, sorry. I was literally overwhelmed by my senior project... I even had to present a speech, and I hated it. x.x I don't like public speaking...

Anyway, I'll get to individual responses in a bit.

Anywho, I got the most amazing gift of friendship from Dev-chan~ She has no idea how much I appreciate the thought she put into my package. I especially love my new notebook and pencil, and all the pictures she sent me. Once I'm done showing them off to everyone, they're getting a special spot on my wall. ^_^

I'd also like to talk about something that's been on my mind a lot. Just recently, I've been looking back through some old school memories of mine, and the memories uncovered more memories, and these memories have been burying secrets I've kept from myself for years. I'm getting pieces of my forgotten self back. So you'll likely see a lot of writing that expresses these lost pieces. Some of them are painful, some of them are happy, but they're all being felt again, as if new. It's very fascinating.
Part of this discovery came from researching my old curriculum, A.C.E., or Accelerated Christian Education. If anyone is familiar with it, I would love to hear from them. If you do not know what it is, I'd be happy to tell you about it. It seems that some people had good experiences with it, and others have not. I am afraid my experience is not so good, and the atmosphere I was in was rather cult-like. Perhaps this is why I chose to block these memories.

Anyway, I want to hear about how you're doing, because I love to hear what's happening on DA while I'm busy.

Thank you again!

Birthday coming! And Pokemon B/W

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 30, 2011, 4:47 PM

My birthday is next Wednesday. Though I'm sure your birthday notices on DA are already reminding you... those things are annoying, aren't they?

I wrote a new chapter to Not Alice on Wattpad, if you were interested in it. I also wrote a short called Fractured, which is also featured on DA. However, I think Wattpad represented it better.

Wattpad profile:…

Fractured is just something I wrote to get some recurring thoughts out of my system. To be honest, I feel kinda exposed now. >_<

Also, how many of my friends play Pokemon Black and White? I need FCs!

Looking for critique of writing! Please!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2011, 5:54 PM

So, like I mentioned before, I joined Wattpad. I decided to use it to get comments on a story that has been sitting in my head for awhile now. Some of you that know me from a while ago might remember when I talked about a dream I had, a dream I called "Emily in Wonderland." I decided I want to write it as a short novel, but I never finished a novel before and honestly I'm out of practice with short stories in general. So, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone were to check it out and provide some feedback. Sometimes that also helps get me motivated to write more.

The story is here:…

Thank you ahead of time.


Journal Entry: Fri Apr 15, 2011, 10:14 PM

So, I started talking more to a girl that sits next to me in one period and not too far in the period after that. She told me I should join a website called Wattpad, so I did. It's a site for writing, so I posted like two of my poems on it just to have something there, but I'm not sure what else.

Perhaps this will inspire me to write that novel I had sitting in my head, hm?

I've also got a seven paragraph essay to write by Monday, and I promised this girl that I'd draw her a picture of Death the Kid.

Holy cow its 1:00 AM? I swear it doesn't feel that late.

But anyway, as I was thinking, maybe having to see someone every day that reads my stuff might push me to actually update what I work on. Because I'm bad at that. >_>

Also, report cards came in. I got a 4.0, for the first time in my life. I finally reached my goal. ^_^

How's everyone's week been?

EDIT: The Wattpad is here:…
In case you're on there and want to be my friend.


Journal Entry: Fri Apr 15, 2011, 10:13 PM

So, I started talking more to a girl that sits next to me in one period and not too far in the period after that. She told me I should join a website called Wattpad, so I did. It's a site for writing, so I posted like two of my poems on it just to have something there, but I'm not sure what else.

Perhaps this will inspire me to write that novel I had sitting in my head, hm?

I've also got a seven paragraph essay to write by Monday, and I promised this girl that I'd draw her a picture of Death the Kid.

Holy cow its 1:00 AM? I swear it doesn't feel that late.

But anyway, as I was thinking, maybe having to see someone every day that reads my stuff might push me to actually update what I work on. Because I'm bad at that. >_>

Also, report cards came in. I got a 4.0, for the first time in my life. I finally reached my goal. ^_^

How's everyone's week been?

10 Things Meme (I feel kinda weird about some...)

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 11, 2011, 7:27 PM

I was tagged by  :iconlovelykilljoy:
1. Post these rules...
2. Each tagged person must post ten facts about themselves on their journal...
3. Choose ten friends and put their icon on the same page...
4. Go to their page and send a message saying you tagged them...

1. I bought Pokemon White thinking it was Pokemon Black. Whoops. (Still fun though!)

2. People at school think I'm a teacher all the time...

3. All the notes I take in each class are color-coded by subject. Makes it easy to sort through when I'm studying. (Also prettyful!)

4. I had a dream a few nights ago that the United States was run by giant amoeba in a fedora.

5. My favorite thing for lunch are the little buffalo chicken wraps. They're not even that good, I just enjoy the texture.

6. I can't decide which new Pokemon character I like more... N or Grimsley. :P

7. I keep getting mistaken as a teacher. Still not sure if this is good or bad...

8. My new hobby is writing essays. My essays are a little weird though. I don't really organize my thoughts, and just jot stuff that comes to mind as I think it. The handwriting turns out really sloppy and my thoughts seem to scatter a lot, but I tend to stick to one subject for the most part.

9. I've become completely obsessed with a certain person. Thing is, he's from the 19th century. I feel like I know him personally, and write him letters that casually describe the 21st century and say that if I knew him we'd be good friends. One day, I'd like to visit his grave with the letters so maybe his spirit can read them... I'm a little embarrassed...

10. I prefer playing video games while talking on the phone. It makes my performance so much better for some reason. >_> And yes, when people call me, I usually do start playing something, and they usually don't notice... unless something starts to get reallyyyy intense...

I tag whoever feels like sharing! ^-^ I love reading these things.

Update: Mom's Okay

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2011, 4:10 PM


Since I'm guessing DA was being weird at the time I wrote this, none of you noticed the update. So I'll just update the entry so you all know what happened.

Also, I wanted to announce I finally ended the PSSAs. I'm still pretty burned out though, because it took about a month to get it over with. Also, in English we had to make movie posters, and I got the opportunity to draw for the first time in a very long time. It was an amazing feeling to have. I almost thought that maybe, since I hadn't drawn in awhile, that I couldn't ever draw again. But everyone really liked what I did, so I felt so much better and like I had some sort of talent after all. It was due today but I'm not finished, it still should be colored, but I got a 100% anyway because I worked hard and it met every point the teacher asked for.

I also got a 100% on that poem I wrote earlier, and the teacher is using it for next year as an example of how to write the poems. That's so cool! ^-^

My mother is still recovering but she's doing well. She's in some pain but we have her rest a lot and she's being herself.

One thing that really makes me mad is HER mother. My grandma has kept sending emails to her asking if she's been cleaning house and stuff since she's "off work". That old hag must not realize that she's RECOVERING, not on a bloody little holiday. Jeezus.


I decided to post a journal saying my mom's home now, so that my friends don't have to worry. It was rough on John and I, we both were in the hospital the day of her surgery and we've been working overtime to keep things going at home. Not to mention John has a lot of work to make up and I still have a lot of tests left. But mom's surgery went well, and she's recovering at home.

I was going to check my messages and reply to each of you who commented, but DA is being a jerk and not letting me in my mailbox. Or maybe its my browser. But something in my gut says its DA.

I haven't been on much due to all this stress, and when I'm not stressing I'm playing Pokemon White. May I just say this... the new gen of games are AMAZING. It really brings back memories of not knowing what to expect. Also I loved N, and the final battle with him, and the new gyms, and the musicals are so cute! I named my Snivy Excalibur, then dressed him up with the top hat and cane to dance in the musical thing. CX I also love the new Elite Four, particularly Grimsley and Shauntal. The rooms are all amazing and I like how you can fight them in whatever order you want.

I've also been doing well in school, and I think one of my English teachers finds me interesting... or at least she likes hearing my opinions. She's asked me to read extra material just so she can talk with me about it. I feel so valued. ^^

I hope everyone else is doing well, and if you want you can tell me what's going on. I like staying updated.

My mom's in the hospital

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 22, 2011, 12:44 PM

She's having surgery tomorrow on her heart, there's three blockages. It was SUPPOSED to be done today, but it wasn't. I forget why it got changed though, because I was sleepy when John was explaining things, and also my cat was trying to climb in my face. >_< She's in Pittsburgh for the moment.

I may or may not go to the hospital tomorrow to be there. I don't like missing school, and it would feel weird to not be in class when I know class is going on. I would miss working in the library (which I do now, its a wonderful way to spend lunch period), and I'd miss seeing my teachers (I get along with them all). Bah, I feel like most people would say "yes" to missing school and being with their family at this time, but I just really love being in my classes, and bonding with my teachers... I really don't know what to do about this, if I should go or stay.

Also, on an unrelated note, someone stole my Stride gum out of my purse today. This is unsettling, like someone broke into my house. Only instead of a house its a purse. And instead of my furniture and belongings, its all my gum. They left me the box, though. x_x


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 12, 2011, 1:54 PM

I feel stupid, I grabbed White when I meant to get Black. Oh well, I am still PUMPED.

Michael and I are going to have a rival battle at 10 tonight, to see who trained better Pokemon. Wish me luck, Michael is a clever strategist. To be honest, I tend to just hit hard and fast, without any real battle plans. We shall see who victors. ^_^