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Rats .A Poem.
Leather straps to keep me bound
Cannot stop my awful sound.
Through shrieking that could wake the dead,
I proclaim that rats are in my head!
Oh, I meant for no concern,
Though I can feel them twitch and squirm!
Despite this news, and my protest,
The nurses buckled up my vest.
Pitter-patter, pitter-patter,
Vermin feet- I hear them scatter!
Crawling, clawing, inside my chest-
Please, release me from this vest!
"Stupid girl, there were no mice.
The itching in your hair was lice!"
This diagnosis, I claim is wrong
So lock me up for being troublesome
There! I see them come once more,
Marching for me from the door!
I hide for cover against these walls,
The nurses hear my frantic calls.
They help me out, and then they say,
"Doctor will take the rats away."
"Stupid girl, it's like we said-
There were no vermin in your head!"
"We sought your madness as we drilled-
You then ceased your crying- dying- killed."
:iconzombiexfood:ZombiexFood 2 6
Smitten in Thought
Dull work.
Sitting in a tiny cube, staring at the wall. My goal chart for the day was over halfway finished. I was sick of it, though. Had enough of work. This was harder than it seemed. My goal chart just stared at me. I had done nothing in this workbook! Writing answers. I didn't know if they were right or not. I was just so tired, so bored, and I wanted to go home. I wanted to ride the bus, and listen to my music. Had to finish the day. It was too cold. I wore an ugly sweater to keep warm. It itched.
The door at my side kept opening. "Don't look up." Said the principal. She was sick of the students all looking up from their cramped cubicles to see who was at the door. I was one of them. So sorry, I felt. I should be working on this workbook anyway. Had to finish so the goal chart would stop being so empty. Wrote more answers. Door opened again. I didn't look up, just worked.
"Hello." This time, the person at the door had a voice. Such a voice! My neck nearly snapped, I looked up, I
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A sneak peek of what I've been up to lately. Make sure you check out my gallery, I make a lot of graphics free to use!


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I've been keeping helluva busy these past few months... I hardly have energy to do much, I do school, I work, and I dedicate the rest of my time to friends irl... I've lost a lot of internet activity.

OKAY. So this is what I've been doing
- finishing senior year at high school
- completing senior project
- been secretly followed by last year's English teacher
- contributing to Dev's M&B story, though admittedly not as much as I feel I should

My first nine weeks of school were a BITCH. I have geometry all year, and I also had to take a math prof. class for failing my math PSSA exams... So I was not happy with having two math classes on one schedule, but I think my re-exam went a lot better.
Another hard class was economics, but Mr. Brown was a really awesomely funny man, so I looked forward to his class even though it was a lot of hard work. He's quite silly, once during a test he made us draw tic-tac-toe boards on our papers, and he went around the room playing with everyone. XD

The senior project is also difficult. I'm from the U.S., so I'm not sure if people outside the states deal with them. I know that not all the states require a senior project, and that each school has a different project. Mine requires-
- a research paper
- a letter of intent/letter of approval
- 100 hours of logged volunteer work or job shadowing
- a 3 minute junior speech
- 20 photos (10 with me in them)
- a presentation with photos, typed captions, and a 7 minute speech.

My project has involved job shadowing a librarian, and it's harder than it looks. I use the library's microfilm machine to read newspapers from the 1950s, then I write down the names and dates of all the obituaries. Then, when I get a lot of them, I go to type them out on index cards, then I alphabetize them, and then I add them to the index catalog of all the dead people. Occasionally I have another job, and help a patron use the machines or print something, but that's basically what I do. Mondays are hardest, because I go for 6 straight hours after 6 school hours, so I'm busy for 12 hours. x.x
However, I'm really considering getting a job as either a librarian or a teacher, so this is a good opportunity for me, and while it's hard, I'm glad I have to do it.

I also think I have a secret admirer, who's a teacher. >_>; He just stares at me all the time, and if I try to look at him he looks away or pretends I'm not there, and that's really unusual since most of my teachers at least smile in my direction if we see each other. >.O

OH! And I no longer have my cool sub account. It sucks, I really miss it already. XD

I wish I had more people to talk to about my teacher...


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Avery Liddell
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United States
Name: Avery Lee Liddell
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Gender: None in particular
Orientation: Asexual (That means I find you all equally unattractive)
Likes: Music, video games, anime, and making friends.
Dislikes: Being eaten by zombies.

Feel free to send me a note.

Current Age: 18, Current Residence: Pennsylvania, Favourite genre of music: Goth/Industrial/Techno/J-Pop, Favourite style of art: Digital/Photography/Traditional, Operating System: Windows 7, MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch, Favourite cartoon character: Death the Kid


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