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Hi friends,

I've decided to no longer update my gallery here but wanted to link you all the places you can find me. :') It's been nice, and I have a lot of good memories here. See you around!


Twitch :star: NEW :star:

Social media






Free comics


*currently most active places

Naughty links this way.

Everything else on my website!

See you around! ♥


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Hi friends,

A few weeks back, DeviantArt approached me for a new feature they wanted to promote. Having been a member for over 15 years, I thought it would be fun to do. C:

I thought about what I wanted to create that was worth paying for, and went for something educational, and picked a topic I have never seen in tutorials before. Hopefully it will be useful!

Zombiesmile - Advanced Tutorials 1200x675

What's covered in "Backgrounds in Manga" tutorial?

The tutorial talks about 1. types of backgrounds, 2. when and why to use them 3. how to balance your page to get good results.

I've set the price to as low as it allowed me ($0.12 USD, or 10 points), since I know the artist struggle is real.

Getting artists paid has historically always been a big problem, so I think it's a nice little tool to get that without having to leave the website, or using a subscription model.

Unfortunately I've already received a lot of outraged comments about this, so I have a few words for those who want to use this feature and are afraid of any backlash:

If someone complains to you about your decision to make money, they were never your fans.

True fans stand by your side, and support you, and if they don't want to pay (which is also okay!), they will support you in different ways. They will be happy for you, use kind words, give emotional support, cheer you on. It's sad that people take our hard work for granted, but never forget that attempting to earn a living is not something you should ever feel ashamed of.♥

Love, hugs & kisses!


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Hi friends,

If you don't follow my insta or Twitter, I've joined an anthology project called SHIPS which is a collection of webcomic strips revolving around relationships. :) We have three more days before the Kickstarter ends, so please share with your friends to spread the world so we can get that 100%! Thank you~ ^O^ Mikiko


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Attention (deviantart icon) WARNINGAttention (deviantart icon) 

There's a spam-bot sending DMs about some sort of lottery and winning money. 
The message they use is: 

"Hi again [username]! We have been told by one of our fellow deviant team members you have not gotten your $100 monthly lotto card for interacting with post "Momiji by Zombiesmile" yet! Grab it quick over at [link] as we still have 27 cards remaining before yours s."

This is a scam. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Just report and carry on.
Thank you.

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This year I am not celebrating, so I have been chilling and working throughout the holiday season.

In a few minutes I will be streaming, hopefully for the next 4 hours. :)
If you're bored, lonely, or need someone to chat with, join me!

I'e got a fireplace audio on and will be drawing until 5-6pm. ♥

See you there.
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