Commission Overhaul [new slots!]

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Commission Overhaul

[update: nov.8.] Reopened slots while waiting for publishers to get back to me. 0:

Hey guys!

I decided to offer commissions after a scanner/printer purchase kinda hurt my bank account a bit. x:

I am reopening all slots and all types of art again, including new options such as greyscaling.

:bulletblue: Personal use only
These commissions are only for personal use. The creative rights belong to me unless otherwise stated in a written contract. (this does not mean your character belongs to me. only the image I've created. :3)

:bulletblue: I reserve the right to use it as a portfolio piece and upload to my gallery. If you do not want this, let me know beforehand and we will work something out.

:bulletblue: Prints and originals are not included
because I often work in Photoshop directly (except for the "Sketch" section) and any copy shop will print you a personal copy without expensive shipping cost. :3

:bulletblue: Prices are per character.
If you plan on ordering 3 or more, I do give discounts. c:

:bulletblue: Please refrain from telling me in this journal how you are broke or that my prices are too expensive. Trust me, I know how it is. As for 'overpriced' art, please inform yourself about professional rates before making any offensive remarks. Thank you for understanding. :c  

:bulletblue: If you are unsure about anything, please ask me via note or comment, I am more than happy to help!

Chibi Slots
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

Sketch Slots
1. HotBloodedFemale :star: sketching
2. Open
3. Open

Line Slots
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

:new:Added option to have your lines or sketch greyscaled!

Cel Slots
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

Fullcolour Slots
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open

:star: = currently working on/priority

Backgrounds vary from +$5 to +$50, depending on complexity and details.
Please let me know if and what you want something specific.

How to order

1. simply send me this filled out form:

Order: Type of drawing & total price (example: 1x chibi, full colour, $25)
Ref: Character references and/or description. poses, moods, items to include, etc
Paypal/e-mail address: for Paypal and contact purposes

2. Once I reply accepting your request, send the payment via Paypal to Mikiko_ponczeck [at]  make sure to mention your dA username when you send it!
3. As soon as the payment arrives, I will start working on your piece, sometimes sending you WIPs to show the progress. (not for sketches. Minor tweaks are accepted only ONCE)
4. once completed, I will send you a HQ version, and perhaps upload a small version into my gallery.

Feel free to ask me about specific themes anytime.



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dunklekaiserin's avatar
Let me see if I understand this correctly. For example, If i want a chibi comission with four characters, Will be the total rate 20 dls?
Zombiesmile's avatar
for 4 chibis it's:

$18 for sketch
$45 for lineart
$90 for colour

The prices are -10% for ordering more than 3 characters.
All prices listed are per character.
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
Where are your prices per character, I don't see them... of course I'm old, and could be blind, but.... help.
Zombiesmile's avatar
every price is per character... :c unless the samples don't appear for you?
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
yep, that is clear. I just don't see, for example, the prices for "cell shaded" vs "full color". If I'm being dense, my apologies.
Zombiesmile's avatar
They're both listed at the bottom, after the "adding greys" section:

cell shaded

fully colour
waist-up: $70
fullbody: $90
Hubby-N-Dad's avatar
AH hah, now I see them, the embedded images were not playing nice when viewed at work, I see them now, sorry to be a p.i.t.a.
Zombiesmile's avatar
oh, I see. Glad they work now! c:
no worries~
Tai-Porto's avatar
awww no shota for me! TwT *lol jk*

oh! are you not interested in Mech in general or you find some trouble drawing it? o ^ o
I do have two books of how to draw manga (Mech and Gaint Robots) if your interested! o 3 o
*one if I already have in my computer and the other is one of the books I bought*
Zombiesmile's avatar
well I do draw shota-style, but not the sexual kind. >:
Mech is too complicated for me, I am not good drawing mechanical things.
hmm... not even good drawing cars so...
Tai-Porto's avatar
I've read the one sexual, but I prefer more cute then that! *some of the sexual ones are kinda gross*

well as I said! I do have a couple books that can help! o 3 o
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
If you don't mind my asking: What is the average DPI/res of the files you send your clients? Does it depends on which type of art they commission?
Zombiesmile's avatar
Usually I send 300dpi files. these are printable, but restricted to personal use only.:3
the size itself depends on how big I sketch the original on paper. If it takes up a small space on my sketchbook, it's of course, smaller than a full page. but still both would be 300dpi.
Entta's avatar
Eep, your sketch slots are full :< Will you be clearing those "completed" slots anytime soon?
Zombiesmile's avatar
I reopened them! (I didn't realise they were full. :3 sorry!)
Entta's avatar
Wonderful! Could I have a half-body sketch slot with gray scale please~? It'll take me a few days to get the information together, but it looks like you have plenty of others to work on first xD
Zombiesmile's avatar
just send me a note when you're ready and I'll give you a slot then. :3
awesome-in-progress's avatar
A new found reason to find a job D: !
Zombiesmile's avatar
or join the contest and win a free commission. :3
awesome-in-progress's avatar
I /have/ been considering it... And I recently went through your whole gallery and fell in love with those 2 avatars... And it'll be good practice~

You're a hard bargainer, but I'll do it!
ArmorcastMatt's avatar
Would you be averse to doing stuff for publication? My company has a book coming out in a year and I need artists.
Zombiesmile's avatar
I certainly wouldn't mind working for your company, just keep in mind that rates differ greatly when publications and profit are involved.
If you like, we can speak privately over notes. :)

Or e-mail, if you prefer: Mikiko_ponczeck[at]
danirat's avatar
Sooo I totally need to commission you some more, I was really happy with my sketches!! <3
Zombiesmile's avatar
Ooh, I certainly love hearing that. XD :heart: there's always a slot open for you, if you like. :nod:
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