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I’m  in Munich right now with Adobe, getting ready for a three day stream on ! :>
This is super exciting for me, and I haven’t done any public streams in a while... I’d be thrilled if you came by.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Noon to 2pm German time.

Where? or YouTube, at Adobe DE.

Language will be german, but don’t be shy! I plan on drawing something Halloweeny, so don’t miss it!

See you there soon hopefully !(*´꒳`*)♥︎♪

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[Update] Thanks for helping, we bumped Haru-chan up to #5 in the limited time we had. :)

Hi my friends! 

I know I don't post as frequently here (kinda post lots more on my instagram!) but I wanted to share a little something and ask for your help.

Haru ist ein neun Monate altes Shiba-Inu-Mädchen aus Mönchengladbach. Laut ihrem Frauchen Midori Takagi lächelt sie immer, wenn sie fotografiert wird. Ihr Name bedeutet auf Japanisch "Frühling".

My mentor's daughter, Midori has entered her cute Shiba-puppy Haru ("Spring" in Japanese) into a doggy contest. tiny shibe 
Now, Mr. Takagi has been the kindest person to me over the years and helped me grow as an artist, and his family are very dear to me. I thought it would be a super nice surprise for Midori-chan to bump up those votes for little Haru. ^.^)♥
Of course you are free to vote for whichever dog you like best regardless, but I wanted to share this with you all. 

How to vote
Just go to the website, hit the like button on the top right of the dog photo you like best. Done! La la la la 

If you want to see more of Haru-chan, Midori's instagram is here.  

Thanks my dears!

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Hey everyone,

some of you may have noticed the shop had been closed for a couple weeks, as I was moving wares to a different location and updating products. 
It is now back and running! Link to shop!
 Mini-comics Mockup Original by Zombiesmile 
Along with the usual books and prints, there's also a handful of new items available now too:
Plectrum 4 by Zombiesmile   Autograph Card Angel 3 by Zombiesmile
Plectrums for you musicians out there, and finally, some limited signed items! Thumbs Up 
It's my solution to the problem of not being able to sign each item when requested. (Shop is in Germany, I am in the UK!) I hope this will make a few people happy. C:

miki's mini comics digital versions! by Zombiesmile Scars languages ad by Zombiesmile 

There's also a shop for my digital comics here. I've gotten a few requests for these, plus you can now buy these language versions of the mini comics!
 Flag of United Kingdom English  Flag of France French  Flag of Spain Spanish  Flag of Germany German! Scars is available in German and English. C:

Also, I have opened an Etsy shop as well, with a focus on Kimono and Japanese goods. My mum makes silk bags, and as a family, we have a lot of Japan related things we no longer use. 
Feel free to check it out for little trinkets too! 

Etsy kimono shop  

Tsuke Obi 4 by Zombiesmile  Obi Black 3 by Zombiesmile

Thanks for checking it out!  Follows and likes are of course always appreciated! ♥

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Hi everyone,

a while back I used to have a DA chat, but we've moved to discord now.
Since I've never announced my new hangout officially, I thought I'd finally share. 
Please read the rules before joining us, thank you. :>


Rules, guidelines & general info

1. Don't be a douchebag.
2. The chat has some strong language and crude humour. Recommended for 18 and above. 
3. NSFW content MUST BE TAGGED and the automatic preview turned OFF. (add < at the beginning, > at the end of your link.)
4. I don't critique artwork, sorry. But feel free to share and discuss it with everyone. :) 
5. No roleplaying.

Have fun! ♥

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[Update] Translator and proof readers have been found! Thanks for all the offers, you guys are life savers :) 

Hey everyone,

right now I'm looking for a few native french speakers Flag of French Guiana with experience in translation for the french version of the digital mini comic, and was hoping one of you may be able to help. (All my go to people were too busy) 
Technically I speak french myself, but it's been a while so it's too rusty, and the Christmas rush has started now, making it impossible to find the time... OTL

If you're interested, please send me a note with your info, and we can have a chat. ^^
Currently I'm looking for one translator and then 1-2 proofreaders.

1. Must be 18 or older
2. Must be native level in written french
3. Must be okay with criticism
4. Must be easy to contact

Let me know what you think and what you'd expect for compensation as well.

Mikiko ♥
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Hermes Kl by Zombiesmile
Hermes has lost not one, but TWO of my parcels containing all books and prints I was going to sell at MCM this weekend. 
I had ordered two weeks ago, totally sure that it is more than enough time for the shipment to arrive, but I was wrong. 

Now I am scrambing to get some last minute prints done, which will arrive tomorrow afternoon. 
I will bring: 
Silk Night Sky by Zombiesmile Butterflies by Zombiesmile

Mature Content

Union Jack by Zombiesmile
Silent Scout by Zombiesmile (A3 prints) 


Decora Demon by Zombiesmile in A5 (seperate) 

as well as some Mini Comic goodies, but without book. T_T

Since this is a catastrophic situation, I will bring my art supplies and will be drawing a little to make up for it. 
Gotta cut my losses and try to cover my expenses at least.

Hope to see a few of you tomorrow, regardless. ; _ ; 


PS: there's a reason Hermes has 1 star out of 5 on every review site. I've learned my lessons. stay away! >_<
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Just hanging out for a bit! Join us. :3


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Hello everyone, 

I've recently moved to a smaller flat in London and lack space for a lot of things. 
After throwing away a lot, here's a handful of items that are in perfectly good shape, that someone else might find better use for. :) 
(Wasting things is something I struggle with!)

Let me know via note if there's anything you'd like to have! 

Shipping prices can be found here
If you're interested in something and are unsure about shipping, let me know which country you are in, if you want standard or tracked, and I can give you an estimate. 

Payment would be through Paypal.

DVD/BLURAY, PS4, PSP games  Books: English & German  Japanese 
Anime Merch, Other:   Jewelry:  Kimono:  Fashion/Cos/Loli:  

Please remember this is first come first serve, and that I might need a while to respond. As soon as I sell something, I will update the image and mark things as sold!
Thanks so much for checking it out! C:

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First off, THANKS for helping spread the word about my Kickstarter667 backers pledged £14,101 in total.... which is completely insane and definitely not what I was expecting! ^o ^ The book will come out as schedule in June/July, if all goes well.

Now, I am attending the Leipzig Bookfair (Manga Comic Con) this weekend. 23rd to 26th of March.
Here's just a few things I want to share with my German fans who plan on going: 
LBM artike p1 by ZombiesmileLBM artike p2 by Zombiesmile

If you're around, I'd love if you popped by to say hi! C:

All items will be in my shop (after the fair, reprinting etc) in mid to late April. My shop is currently closed until I return, but once it reopens, you can order things here
See you soon! ♥


PS: The comics listed above except 'RAMEN' are all available in GERMAN here. c:

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banner-KS 2 by Zombiesmile

[Update!] We've reached our goal and also our first stretch goal! Next stretch goal is coming up, we can do this!

Hello everyone!

You might have wondered why there haven't been many updates recently, and the reason is, I was planning and preparing this Mini Comic Kickstarter!
It will be running for 30 days and I hope we can reach the goal together.

I am super excited to finally make this project a reality, and hope some of you might help me get the word out. ^w ^
Please share and I will love you forever. ♥

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying my work, it means a lot!
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Hello hello! ^o ^

Last weekend was the 17th Comic Salon Erlangen, where I attended the award ceremony for the big award you guys have been busily voting for...
Well, what can I say, thanks to everyone who voted, we did it! 
It was REAL CLOSE (only a handful difference to the next guy) in the end, but we beat the odds. 

Here's a few pictures of the event and the day after. c:
(Full report is on my Patreon. ^w^)

on stage by Zombiesmile 
Preis by Zombiesmile
Hooray! being on stage was pretty crazy, I think my voice might have cracked a bit. 
Also took quick pic in the hotel, which I sent to all my friends and family to annouce the results!
(probably woke a few people since it was real late then! Oops...)

woooo by Zombiesmile
Proudly posing with the medallion and my buddy Chris by Pyramond's booth the next morning. ♥
We celebrated the night before and were mostly running on caffeine.

If you're interested, here's an article about all winners. (German) 
Also, a video of my short banter with Hella von Sinnen (comedienne and host).

So again, thank you so so much! This really means a lot to me, and I will do my best to make it up to all of you.
There's a bunch of new art and projects coming up. Can't wait to share!

Hugs & Kisses, 
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[Edit 27.4.2016] Updated voting link for the final round! This will determine the winner. :)

Hello, how are you doing today?

It's a bit sudden to ask for help once again, but man, I AM SO EXCITED!
There's this thing in Germany called Max und Moritz Preis, which, for comic artists, is one of the coolest things you can get nominated for.... AND GUESS WHAT, Crash 'n' Burn, my Manga (read it here), has been nominated this year!
Last year I won the golden Kibo 'best Mangaka award' thanks to your amazing flood of votes but it never arrived, and honestly, I was crushed.
Now this chance presents itself, I just couldn't help but ask you again selfishly, to perhaps make a dream of mine happen.
♥ ; - ; 
You can vote here, by selecting Crash 'n' Burn from the list and then hit Absenden.
If you could get friends to vote too, that would be awesome!

Voting ends May 26th.

Thanks so much for helping me out. I owe you big time.

(my actual face right now is more like this: :iconcryforeverplz: )

Hugs & kisses,
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(English below)


Bist du aus Hamburg oder am Samstag in Hamburg? Ich werde um 14-18h im Wacom Experience Center, Rentzelstraße 36-40 sein und auf der Launchparty einen Workshop geben. C:
Ich kenne mich nicht so gut aus dort, also würde ich mich sehr freuen wenn ein paar Leute auftauchen! 
Hier ist die ganze Info zum Event: Click!
Freue mich schon tierisch! Bin nur etwas nervös weil ich nicht weiß wieviele kommen weil die LBM zeitgleich ist...! 
Hoffe jeder bringt Freunde mit... 
Wer will kann auch meine Mangas mitbringen, ich habe immer signierstifte dabei. ♥

Freue mich auf dich!


Are you in Hamburg this Saturday? I will be at the Wacom Experience Center, Rentzelstraße 36-40 from 2-6pm and will hold a workshop, chat and present a new tablet at the Wacom launchparty. C: 
I am not very familiar with the area, so I'd be super happy if people showed up. Here's more info on the event (German): Click!
I'm super excited about this, but also slightly nervous since the biggest german con is running at the same time in Leipzig....! 
Hope you bring friends...
You can also bringt my manga, I always have my signing pens on me.♥

Can't wait to see you there!
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I recently added Scout and Carmen (both A4) as well as Autumn Leaves (A5) to my store!
They're all printed on 250mg² paper (nice and sturdy!) ♥

:star: New!          :star: New!          :star: New!
Silent Scout by Zombiesmile   Carmen Rylatar by Zombiesmile   Autumn Leaves by Zombiesmile

There's also a handful of items on sale, since I am no longer printing them anymore, so check them out before they're gone. :> 

SALE ITEMS (starting at $2.50)

Mature Content

Medusa by Zombiesmile
Red Blades by Zombiesmile Amazing Japan - Calendar Cover by Zombiesmile Fire and Brimstone by Zombiesmile Tiger Warrior by Zombiesmile Qilin by Zombiesmile Ko's Study by Zombiesmile

Thanks for checking it out! (✿◠‿◠)

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it's been a while since I wrote up a journal.
The past week I've been in London and I am planning to go to Bristol this Friday! The reason for my trip is to visit a friend, who is opening up a board game café in the centre of Bristol in March.
I've been following the progress closely and might have had a tiny hand in helping with the logo~ *cough*
Today, they finally launched a kickstarter to help with the last bit of funds to make the opening as awesome as can be.

Now, I figured, I am a massive nerd who loves games and board games (pen & paper as well!) and I figure, well someone among my watchers must be like me even just a little, right?!
So if you're from around the area and want to see this come to life, please check this out! 
Or alternatively, just share with friends and family. c:

It would be awesome if we could all hang out and play games there soon!Emoji04


UPDATE: Deviantart has wiped my description and won't let me comment on my own work, since it thinks it's spam.
Issue has been fixed!


I am pretty upset, since I put a lot of work into writing a heartfelt description with all the necessary info on my post about Scar's preorder. 

Mature Content

SCARS pre-order OPEN! by Zombiesmile

When I tried to comment on my own work, it says I can't. - _ - 
Errors everywhere. Anyway, I tried to rewrite the description as accurately as possible.

Original description

Since spring this year I've been working on this new project and it's finally done! 
Scars is the first comic I am bringing out since my work with Tokyopop, and I it's been entirely funded by people supporting me on Patreon. ^o ^ Thanks so much for making this possible!

Here's a bit of info for you.

Genre: Hentai, Fantasy
Pages: 48, black and white
Price: €7
Languages: German and English
Ships worldwide

I am so excited! Pyramond also makes sure I get a much bigger share of royalties than anywhere else since they're still quite indie, so every sold book supports me greatly!

Buy the German version
Buy the English version

Here's an English translation of the order form! (Vereinigte Staaten is USA)

Hope you'll like it.

For more erotic works, check my tumblr called  silk-and-opium. (Cannot link due to DA rules. NSFW)

(This post is flagged as mature content since you need to be 18 to order)*

*this obviously no longer applies since I can't flag journals as far as I know.
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Hey everyone,

just testing out twitch for a bit. Feel free to join.
My Twitch Channel

Rules: don't be a dick, no links/spam, and respect the mods. Thanks!

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
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Hi everyone! 

Thanks for the feedback on the last journal, I will give Twitch a whirl sometime when I have the time and keep all your advice in mind. :3

Now, I updated my Tapastic by adding a 'series' of my tutorials (all available in my gallery here too) and thought, I'd really like to make a few more.
My next Patreon goal would unlock monthly tutorials, so I want to plan ahead, even if I my total hasn't changed in 6-7 months. xD When I do hit the goal eventually, I want to be prepared.

When I do art streams, I generally get repeated questions that are ansered in my FAQ, so I plan on including some of those if I can, too.

Here's some ideas.

1. What tools do you use/tools in general
2. How can I draw like you/practice and essentials
3. Critique
4. Panels
5. Backgrounds
6. Toning
7. Inking
8. Character design basics
9. How to get a publisher (comic edition)
10. Cel shading
11. Anatomy
12. posing/perspective
13. watercolour /traditional art 
14. Drawing from/with reference
15. Drawing hair
16. Basic writing tips for artists
17. How to AVOID making a Mary Sue
18. Hands and feet
19. Drawing fabric
20. How to draw wings (fairy/demon/angel)
21. What is a 'style' and why you shouldnt worry about it.
22. Drawing animals
23. How to price your commissions

^adding ideas as they come in. thanks!

Let me know what sort of tutorial you need, want or can't find! 
Tell me what sort of thing you'd like to see explained. I will collect these and make a list for myself of the most popular ones. 
No promises when I will get around to it, but I wanna have time to think about how to set them up. C: 

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So recently a lot of people joined my chat (thanks guys!) and many have asked if I plan on streaming again...but instead of art, GAMES that I play. I was surprised, to say the least, but hey, I am up to try something new if there's a demand and who knows, it could be fun.

So I went and made a twitch account/channel (sadly, all the names I wanted where taken of course. T_ T).
My drawing streams have become so crowded and unmanageable that I have been avoiding them outside of Patreon, but I'd probably need mods and setting up a stream may end up being a lot of work.  So I guess what I want to know is, do you watch streams on twitch? 
Would you be interested?

Personally I don't follow any streamers because I find it boring to watch people play games for the most part, but that's why I am asking you. XD For all I know I am just a really boring gamer. haa. If enough people want to see me clumsily play, I am willing to give it a whirl at least.

Thanks in advance for reading and commenting! I probably can't reply to everyone, but I do read and appreciate it when you guys give me feedback. :3


PS: Games I'd play are probably older ones I just feel like playing. Currently Borderlands 2, Terraria, Hearthstone. 
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This week is a week of thank yous.
I just returned from Gamescom and met lots of wonderful people, my life's been amazing ever since I got Patreon, and now, DeviantArt is turning 15.
The 10 years I spent here were full of ups and downs, but mostly ups. 

Being mentioned so many times as your 'all time favourite artist', I just really want you to know how grateful I am. DA has always been and probably will remain, my internet home.
Since I get a lot of memes and tags from people, I figure this is the one I might have to join in for once. :3 
  1.  How long have you been on DeviantArt? 10 years.
  2. What does your username mean? Just a zombie's smile. Wanted to change my name to 'Mikiko' for years, but it's taken and a dead account. :C
  3. Describe yourself in three words. Positive, hard-working, silly
  4. Are you left or right handed? Right.
  5. What was your first deviation? I don't remember, probably some Death Note fanart.
  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Comics, anime style.
  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Lineless digital painting. 
  8. What was your first favourite? According to my favs, this one, but I am sure I removed some older ones at some point.
  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Stuff I want to learn from. Things I can't draw that way.
  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? Endling.
  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? I'd like to meet einlee, kidchan and a few others I've been admiring for many years. :3
  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? Met my best friend who encouraged me to draw more original work. I then just quit fanart altogether and today I am known for my own ideas.
  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Pencils and Paint tool Sai.
  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? At home, where no one can interrupt me. (preferrably at night)
  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? When my ex had a medical emergency (USA), Deviantart got together and raised an insane amount of money to help him out. To this day, it's one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. 

Hope you all have a great summer. ♥

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