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Yoga with Mikiko II

By Zombiesmile
(Some of these aren't quite as hard, but I'm just trash, lol)

Soooo, I find a lot of the time that Yoga is either 1. super relaxing and makes me wanna sleep or 2. DEATH. 
Crow pose especially was designed solely to kill me. x _ x
How flexible are you?

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sylvionxeevee's avatar

oh my gosh i hate the crow poseeeeee

Gurdim's avatar

well then in both the cases, stress and pains come to an and, it's a win win :D

... but also not xD

Super idiotic statement by someone who knows less than zero about yoga, but the first position next to the title feels like a old japanese superhero pose xD

I like the facial expressions you got into this one. Shows growth as an artist.
KawaiiSans2's avatar
It sounds like she is constipated.
Jade-the-Guilmon's avatar
I can feel the HNNGGGG from here XD
Camel Pose: that cat is just rubbing it in
Hayden53's avatar
Ah the crow pose I hate it so much.....more than the  Handstand Scorpion.
ah i love these comics
3208's avatar
hahahahaha I love this!
Xeno-Sapian's avatar
Would love to try yoga but I suspect something would break if I tried any of those poses! 
Hayden53's avatar
You should try to mimic the poses as much as your body allows you.
If you push yourself over that limit you might stretch something or break a ligament.

it’s great,but it requires a lot of practice.
I can't reach my toes :X and I'd probably fall over trying to do pretty much all of those poses <.<
curioscuro's avatar
I just started yoga myself, so I am still very beginner. It is so hard to remember to breath!
SneaselSawashiro's avatar
Dat HP reaching critical levels... *Cues the Pokemon low HP alert*
lizbot5000's avatar
I feel personally atkd by this relatable content... :D (Big Grin) 
lamini24bl's avatar
This speaks to me on a personal level T_T
clearwater04's avatar
is it just me or is the cat doing the half moon pose during the camel pose?
Klingelball's avatar
I feel this x.X
D1M3NS1ON's avatar
Yep I ain’t gonna do yoga.
XxLyraTheCatxX's avatar
The crow pose is me falling on my face...
AuthorGirl476's avatar
Ahahah! This is why I don't do yoga
PeriwinklePB's avatar
Omg, I've done crow pose before and I HATE IT!!!
awesomehunter77's avatar
I dunno what the people who created yoga thought a camel or crow looked like but uh...they don't look like that. ._.
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