Yoga with Mikiko
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Yoga is usuallyso relaxing, I tend to fall asleep from time to time.

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Comments (146)
YahYoYay's avatar
YahYoYay|Student General Artist
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KrazyKatt11's avatar
Hmm, maybe I should try yoga, maybe then I'll sleep better.

This is really cute by the way.
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RPwombat's avatar
RPwombat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
luv the kitty
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oOMatthieuOo's avatar
oOMatthieuOo|Professional General Artist
love the yoga series! I think the hands palms should face the sky in the corpse pose :)
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Passin's avatar
Zzzzzz. Nice work
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random-girl-2's avatar
hi this is a really nice dra...zzz….zzzzzz…
(lol I love it)
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Poke-Poet4's avatar
Poke-Poet4|Hobbyist Writer
I love the Wii Fit Trainer outfit and how Emi seems to be doing her(?) own form of yoga. The whole comic is adorable and funny. :)
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maymaykisekae's avatar
maymaykisekae|Hobbyist Artist
me whenever i do a thing.
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OwenEsqe's avatar
OwenEsqe|Hobbyist General Artist
I like how the cat took one look at you doing the plow pose and was like "Nuh-uh, you have fun with that one." *Sits down like normal*.
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AnohaVestala's avatar
AnohaVestala|Hobbyist General Artist
Heh. I find it amusing that your cat joins you in these ventures. :D
Almost reminds me of my dog. If I take a nap, he curls up or sprawls out on the bed next to me. It all depends on how I'm sleeping.
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Gaetano96's avatar
Gaetano96|Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, so cute X3
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FreeSpirit29's avatar
FreeSpirit29|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very good. I really like your cat.
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manuel2345's avatar
manuel2345|Student General Artist
I would like to plow you.
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gymnosophist's avatar
gymnosophist|Professional Writer
:XD: :heart:  Cool!
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SweetKirbi's avatar
SweetKirbi|Hobbyist Interface Designer
How yoga really should be
I love how your cat mimics the poses!
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Santalama's avatar
this is super cute
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KarottenkopfLP's avatar
If you call that yoga, then I'm doing "yoga" most of the time
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RamoranScout's avatar
RamoranScout|Hobbyist Writer
Seems super reasonable. Cat's do their own poses though. Human Yoga is simple compared to Cat Yoga.
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JRayG's avatar
JRayG|Hobbyist General Artist
This is all too true about yoga. I wonder if anyone at those places that have yoga with cats ever had people fall asleep?
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clearwater04's avatar
cat's all like I ain't doing the plow pose.
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Jap-Lover's avatar
Jap-Lover|Student Filmographer
She's not very good at Plow pose <3
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NekkoFlan's avatar
NekkoFlan|Student Digital Artist
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