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Yoga with Mikiko

By Zombiesmile
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Yoga is usuallyso relaxing, I tend to fall asleep from time to time.

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Nohiki's avatar
*presses Z to pay respects*
YahYoYay's avatar
KrazyKatt11's avatar
Hmm, maybe I should try yoga, maybe then I'll sleep better.

This is really cute by the way.
PRwombat's avatar
luv the kitty
oOMatthieuOo's avatar
love the yoga series! I think the hands palms should face the sky in the corpse pose :)
Passin's avatar
Zzzzzz. Nice work
random-girl-2's avatar
hi this is a really nice dra...zzz….zzzzzz…
(lol I love it)
Poke-Poet4's avatar
I love the Wii Fit Trainer outfit and how Emi seems to be doing her(?) own form of yoga. The whole comic is adorable and funny. :)
maymaykisekae's avatar
me whenever i do a thing.
OwenEsqe's avatar
I like how the cat took one look at you doing the plow pose and was like "Nuh-uh, you have fun with that one." *Sits down like normal*.
AnohaVestala's avatar
Heh. I find it amusing that your cat joins you in these ventures. :D
Almost reminds me of my dog. If I take a nap, he curls up or sprawls out on the bed next to me. It all depends on how I'm sleeping.
Gaetano96's avatar
Haha, so cute X3
FreeSpirit29's avatar
Very good. I really like your cat.
manuel2345's avatar
I would like to plow you.
SweetKirbi's avatar
How yoga really should be
I love how your cat mimics the poses!
Santalama's avatar
this is super cute
KarottenkopfLP's avatar
If you call that yoga, then I'm doing "yoga" most of the time
RamoranScout's avatar
Seems super reasonable. Cat's do their own poses though. Human Yoga is simple compared to Cat Yoga.
JRayG's avatar
This is all too true about yoga. I wonder if anyone at those places that have yoga with cats ever had people fall asleep?
clearwater04's avatar
cat's all like I ain't doing the plow pose.
Jap-Lover's avatar
She's not very good at Plow pose <3
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