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The Silver Seekers

My D&D group, The Silver Seekers! 
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From left to right:
Flint, dwarf necromancer played by 0tacoon
Seirixori (nickname: Winning), tiefling bard, played by Shabello
Vraggi, half orc barbarian played by manic-pixie
Tova, human Paladin played by me!
Igno, human rogue, played by Rohan. 
(DM: Fyorl, 5e , custom campaign)

Other stuff
The devil: a mysterious man who returned Tova's soul (she died) in exchange for a favour.
The hellhound: whilst searching a sewer, the group came upon rat-men summoning a hellhound. 
Cloaked figures: thieves guild members who tried to hunt us down for a debt Igno owes them.
The succubus: charmed Vraggi, who thought it was her new girlfriend... until the rest of the group killed her.
the wolves: killed Tova in a surprise attack when the group was trying to mend their wounds after a fierce battle
Nivellan, the beast: This cursed man welcomed us into his magical house, where Vraggi got charmed by his actual succubus girlfriend...
The blue roses grew in his garden.

This has taken me way too long, and originally was just a simple group shot which turned into something waaaay crazier than planned, oops!
I love playing every sunday, and just wanted to show my appreciation for my dear friends and fellow nerds. ♥

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Vraggi has immense feral energy that I have nothing but time for

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Looks really epic! Seems like a really cool group :D
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I like the artwork and the creativity people put into their DnD characters and campaigns, but I'm commenting because of the little things I like to notice (which aren't related to the art): 

"STOP - You are not authorized to use this artwork" I just found it funny that it wasn't already a given, like duh! But people these days.......
Oh, and "Buy me coffee to keep me drawing" I read it like my fiance would say it in a cute voice "YOU WANT ME TO KEEP DRAWING?!?!?! Then pweaze buy mii coffee, it would be nice, pweaze and thank you!!!  :3  "
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yeah unfortunately people repost without credit A LOT. Not sure if the notice helps, but at least it immediately displays my attitude towards it, and fans will look out for thieves for me, knowing my opinion on the matter. U _ U
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And I have seen the fans hard at work to help us artists out! God bless them all!  :3
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That's a good high level party right there 
It's nice that you incorporated the various things that nearly killed the group
shows humility
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Getting maimed by lowly wolves was such a shameful death that you had to strike a deal with devil ? Might wanna reconsider your life choices XD
Awesome art piece of course. Better than Marvel's movie posters ^^
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pack tactics is a bitch with 4 wolves on you. ;( 
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You're a paladin. With a shield and a spear :D (Big Grin) 
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no, sword & shield or halberd. When I died, we were surprised while camping, so first round we did not get to act and were unarmed.
We were also level 2 at that point.
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What an awesome collage!!😄
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I've been trying to get my friends to form a group with me, but I'd have to be a GM. ;w;
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See, this is why Mario should stay in the mushroom kingdom. Otherwise he turns into a fully fledged villain! lol
This piece is epic! just started laying DnD myself. it's surprisingly fun. your team looks nice and varied though, so i imagine it'll take quite a lot to bring y'all down.

Keep it up Zombie! :D
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This looks like one heck of a wild DnD group. 
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I love it! That's so cool.
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Silver seekers? They should seek gold, that way adventuring would pay off ten times better.
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Looks awesome! :D
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Oh my gosh D&D O_O boy do I miss that... Awesome pic.!
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you do dnd?? now i think that you are cooler than before :)
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