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The Purrfect Place
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Another Kickstarter top tier backer reward, this time featuring Lauren and her cat, Moomoo. ♥
Thanks for supporting me! 

For all those who backed me and haven't been checking the updates: The printing company has delayed our order for quite a while, but we expect to get our shipment sometime next week. 
I'll keep you posted~

Info for non-backers: The printed mini comic volume will be avaiable in my shop (currently closed due to upcoming trip) probably around the end of August. ^- ^

Mikiko.art | Patreon | Shop | or buy me coffee to keep me drawing! ♥
Please share by linking back to my work, and crediting me by name. Thank you!

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Crasherpoint's avatar
Crasherpoint|Hobbyist General Artist
I actually do that with my freshly cleaned cloth, it feels really nice.
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Ksisuma's avatar
My cats do that! ^^ Even in summer XD
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DeadKnight1's avatar
Cats are a liquid.
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HariCoelho's avatar
HariCoelho|Hobbyist General Artist
Cats do love laying on clean laundry. :D
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JessicaTrance's avatar
I only left the drawer open a bit but enough that my cat sneaked in and now I have to wash ALL my underwear again LOL
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CosmicCreationsx's avatar
My cat did this when my mom was doing laundry, can you guess what happened next? Mom did not know, closed the door, turned the dryer on, THUMP THUMP THUMP, open the door, and a flash of fur bolted from the dryer.
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TheBlckHood's avatar
TheBlckHood| General Artist
Fox: LOL, and thus the cat learned never to jump in the dryer again lol
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Ghostdaprettybad's avatar
GhostdaprettybadEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it bad I can relate to the cat?
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Cartoonicus's avatar
Cartoonicus|Professional Filmographer
Been there.
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DreamLight23's avatar
DreamLight23|Hobbyist Digital Artist
he he he
It's our cat
They always well be funnyLove Bunny icon Carrot (One Piece) Icon 5 
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StekinoMai's avatar
StekinoMai|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yare yare

I cri, this is too adorable-
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LpsLover715's avatar
LpsLover715|Hobbyist Digital Artist
PewDiePie Intensifies 
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GentlemanCiesus's avatar
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MindPictureBody's avatar
warm dryer clothes  hmmmm :)
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fabianfucci's avatar
fabianfucci|Professional Filmographer
Kitty needs a lesson. :devil:
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The Titty dose not need a lesson "you can stay there MooMoo as long as you want" :3
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squawkietalkie's avatar
squawkietalkie|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Cloudymeow's avatar
Cloudymeow|Hobbyist General Artist
Never let cats in there!!! Thats how my cat died when i was little.
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Manyaras-Art's avatar
Manyaras-Art|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tbh if I'd saw my cat in there I'd have a heart attack and get my cat out of it as fast as possible ;^;
I'd just be scared that someday I won't notice her and accidentally kill her and then I'll be sad and depressed furever ;3;
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Dragonguy03's avatar
Do not advertise
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ArticWolfClaw's avatar
My cat has dubbed the comfy chair at the table as her own whenever someone gets off it and always insists on being high up, if you're the tallest person in the house then you're getting a cat on your shoulder XD
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AmyNChan's avatar
AmyNChan|Hobbyist General Artist
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Ophiuchus-Serpent's avatar
Ophiuchus-Serpent|Hobbyist General Artist
Gotta love these kinds of cats.  The moment I'm trying to use my graphic tab/ write something down on paper, along comes Muta, sitting on my things, pining for being petted.
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