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The Flaming Octopus

My Friday D&D group:

Mei (half elf rogue), Tili (halfling fighter), Owynn (aasimar monk), Carmen (human sorceress) , Ciel (human paladin/warlock).
We're currently playing Tomb of Annihilation. You can watch all videos on youtube so far. :) We generally play Fridays, 6:30pm GMT (London) and you can watch us on Twitch.

What's your D&D group like? :'D

The Silver Seekers - chibis by Zombiesmile

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Aarakocra wizard, Reindeer folk Barbarian/Cleric, Elf Ranger, Tabaxi Monk, a drow NPC we adopted into the party, and a Kenku who was adopted from a local orphanage

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I still manage to (initially) misread things like Total Annihilation, despite nowadays sooner playing RPG's rather than shooting them.
I like the line up you got going. Makes me think about Final Fantasy for some reason.
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This seems like a lovey adventure
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carmen best girl
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i love the hair of Carmen ovo

my friends and i recently got together finally to play. we had our, i think, seventh or eighth session last week.
custom race druid (fairy), custom race ranger (half-haetae), custom race scorceress (half-dragon) and my centaur fighter. the team fits together so well that we're not sure if we will ever be able to replicate those dynamics xD
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So cool :la:
Carmen"s hair is gorgeous :heart:
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I like Ciel and Carmen's aesthetic the most. 
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I don't have a D&D group D': I've been interested in D&D, but each time I try to learn about it a play the group is no longer playing anymore. 
We've just started (played twice) (although I'm a gamer from way back--how far back I won't say, since I'm waaay old).  I'm Gunda, a dwarven barbarian.  We've got a human inquisitor/monk, a halfling bard, and a tiefling sorcerer.
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I have never in my life hace played D&D, where could I try it? or how? 
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A. get your friends, have one of them write a campaign for the group, and have the group make their characters. sit down and play. rules, classes, races and everything you need to know is on the internet, i bet youtube has ten introductions to the game.
B. go online. there are online tables where strangers get together for whole campaigns or just oneshots (one session)
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thank you very much, honestly I've been intrested for a while now, but I don't have many friends intrested in this kind of stuff, so I figure there was some place on the internet to try it or something, but I don't know where, ether way, thank you very much.
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no problem, hope you find a nice group :)
Full godlike. Hope none of you stepped into a pitfall or on a dragon's tail.
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I'm playing in a few games... but my most interesting party is probably the one with two bards, Bob Jenkins (me) and Arpeggio
Speck, a cleric and Olga, a paladin. 

Lots of chaotic fun. :D
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Adorable! (Where's the octopus?)
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My Friday D&D group, The Emerald band, (who also plays at 6:30 PM EST, but we don't stream) is constituted of Nickolaard, a human Wizard (diviner), Virka, a human Cleric, Caoilfhoinn (Cailin), a gnome druid and Sonata, a half-elf Warrior. :)  

I love your character work. You can see their personalities through your art. Well done!  
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oh my god, it's so cool and adorable ;w; 
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What's my D&D group like?  Lol....Let me tell you a story....

We have one player who gets killed a lot, and is on his 4th character of the game.  He is currently a human Barbarian/Fighter/Rogue/Monk and has a signature move with my character.

I play a majestic af half elf Paladin who has gone through much effort to have top of the line armor and a large tower shield.  Signature move involves me going in first, buddy right behind me and leaping off my hip over my head and into the fight.  We did this so much that I had a small step installed on my armor at my lower back.  Now we don't have to roll any check to see if we can do it.

We have a half orc Fighter who forgets everything, yet still manages to have most of the money.

We also play a somewhat crazy human cleric who has fallen in love with the spell Dimension Door and fireball, and uses them in rather spectacular fashion, from riding a very unhappy Roc to its death with fireball, to dimension dooring himself into the stomach of an elder dragon and fireballing said dragon from the inside, then crawling out the dragons mouth, to the surprise of the rest of the party who only saw him disappear.  He also does some healing on the side.

At one time we had a human druid with a velociraptor pet who became rather fond of the half orc fighter since she always gave the raptor snacks.
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