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Tall Friends

Happy belated Birthday Fyorl. :B
I hope I got your height right. cause I actually don't know.... :iconoxoplz:

Thanks everyone who supported me on Patreon, I really appreciate it!
If you want more frequent mini comics, consider supporting me with as little as $1 a month. :> 
It would allow me to prioritise them and filter out unwanted jobs. (right now I just draw them whenever I find time...)

Do not use my art without permission. Thank you. Sharing is okay if it's linked back or credited properly.
uploading it to sites who make money off stolen content (Funnyjunk, 9gag) is NOT okay. Editing is NOT okay.
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1.57 cm..
Weeelp.. ive only T A L L classfellow
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That is our power. We tall people shield the shorter people lol
i know that feeling cause i'm tall too lol
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This (and doors being too small in Europe half the time) are why I dislike being tall. But... I do like being tall nonetheless. : )
SakuraHyuga2's avatar
This is why I love my tall friends
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Yes, tall friends. Lol T^T I'm the shortest dude of my small group and I get dragged around, picked up and teased all the time. Gotta love tall friends~ o(╥﹏╥)o

One of my friends picked me up and carried me almost a block lugged over his shoulders. I couldn't get down! 

He'd tease evilly to drop me on my face if I struggled. ಥ_ಥ Why tall friend?
fishgutsconquersall's avatar
so... that's why Dakota hangs out with me. Been wondering.
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My friend use me when she want hide on the written exam :) Because I am taller and little more wider than she is
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True, my friend uses me for shade on the hot days while I'm dieing I'm 5'8 and she is 5'1
NamurSiad's avatar
Ugh, in my life, im the tall friend...
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Me and my "sister"(she's been my best friend for about 10 or 9 years but we aren't sisters by blood) are like this. I'm 5'1" and she's at least 5'9".
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I'm 1.60, showed this to my friend who's 1.80 :^)
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who wears a t shirt in the rain
Beast2016's avatar
sorry about that 
Why? I've had worse.
Beast2016's avatar
i dont know there are so many assholes online some body has to bee nice
Well, somebody has to but no one forces you.
Beast2016's avatar
yeah but i want to
cutiebuns1's avatar
I'm the tall friend and my best friend is always (playfully) teasing me about it! Once he actually showed me this comic. (It was on Pinterest) lol!
The-Smol-Bean's avatar
i am the short friend tho
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Relateable, me being the tall friend, of course. 
At least you get a free umbrella with your friendship. 
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