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Spider Senses!

By Zombiesmile
Went to Taipei with Fyorl this year and saw HUGE SPIDERS. <- proof! (also, size reference roughly:…)
Also, here's a selfie with the camel

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Ah, you guys would be fine, i don't think orb spiders are deadly to humans
GeroIturricastillo's avatar
Spiders it's so cute.
BobALinx's avatar
I love the floaty braid!
Ok i just noticed the detail with the selfie and the comic you drew the necklace good job!!
EpicSwapSans's avatar
BlueShiranui's avatar
I'd have made a perfect run... into the other direction... *hates spiders*
PYRASMUS's avatar
Golden orb weavers are actually pretty impressive when it comes to their method of web construction. Allows them to rebuild individual parts of the web rather than replace the entire meter-and-a-half wide web. Some species of gold orb weavers stay attatched to their web permanently, so no worries of it dropping from above.
SneaselSawashiro's avatar
*Looks at final panel*

Why ಠ_ಠ

何故だ  ̄△ ̄

Por qué (ノ#-_-)ノ

GrummanF-14's avatar
We got those her in Florida although it has been many years since I last seen one
ZerotheWritingBear's avatar
YOU WANT TO GET CLOSER TO THAT THING?! IM UNWATCHIN YA!! Jk jk. This is so adorable I HAD to comment. But my mother is absolutely terrified of spiders and I want to just get as far away from spiders as I can so I can live normally.
XxNightSparrowxX's avatar
i hate spiders other then daddy long legs and i had to kill multiple spiders cause somehow they find their way to my bed so i litterally jump of of my loft bed with all blankies and run out the door grab a pillow and suffocate the spider until it dies
AnimeLover917's avatar
I would've run away screaming
I hate spiders
sansy-girl1001's avatar
Hes like my boyfriend! X3
Lazy2ns's avatar
I don't get why people are afraid of spiders. I mean sure, they catch you off guard and are a bit eerie (and venomous) but, I don't get whats the point of being scared.
Jake-CX9's avatar
golden orb weavers are so cool! they remind me of skulltulas!
Baranguirus's avatar
Hmmm... Still have to visit Taiwan Zoo... I need more animal pictures for my weekly albums! ;)
AdorkableDorkyArtist's avatar
Yo those spiders are my favorite!
Peter1306's avatar
You're not an ordinary girl, isn't it? :D
NamurSiad's avatar
Thats me when i was a cub :D
Noctis-Corvus's avatar
If that's a big spider to you... well, I was going to say something about Australia, but that still is a big spider.

My point is I've seen bigger! Where I am, near Brisbane!
DRY-Designs-Network's avatar
Yeah, but do Australian big spiders build their webs across pathways, and hang right at eye level?
NimbleFlourish's avatar
We have a yellow spider kind of like that one that does a similar thing...for reasons I can't really fathom. I think it's called a Saint Andrew's Cross.
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