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Secret Weapon

By Zombiesmile
What's your pet's secret weapon? (or yours...?) 0_0

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My dog's secret weapon is Sonic Woof-- that is, he barks and howls until I give in to his demands.

My sister's cat's weapon is Hanging in There... the cat legit jumps on you and hooks her claws into your clothes (sometimes skin :C as well) and won't let go until she gets whatever she wants.

I am weak and have no secret weapon. My sister uses a hydrospritzer aka a spray bottle. :p

ThePsych0naut's avatar

Yeah, that move is pretty much unstoppable.

bobshmit13's avatar

My dog has mastered this pose, mostly after she tries playing with the cat who does NOT want to play.

DreamHunter23's avatar
My cat is behaving the same ..
only he scraped the door from the nightstand ...
Sometimes I’ll lie down on my back ... as soon as I reach out, he’s already getting ready to make a kus ...

Mars, why are you doing this to me?
manamanou's avatar
My cat does exactly the same thing and she looks like your emi a lot
OneForAll2021's avatar

Whenever my 10 year old Pitbull/Beagle wants to go for a walk, she will just lay her head onto my bed or chair and give me her biggest puppy eye face!

AngusMcTavish's avatar
The Fat Seal Mode got me, too! XD
SDWH's avatar
This made me laugh in real ^w^
Emi is so expressive,
And know how to get what she wants!
LadyArt92's avatar
Lol 😂 awwww sooo cuteness x3 nd love ur comic 🌸
My baby girl (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross) rolls on her back and wiggles around like a beetle until she gets my attention, and it is VERY effective.
Moondoe's avatar
I've got a 17 lbs fat seal doing that to me right now while a smaller seal watches...
Gyrageon's avatar
This is so cute. Reminds me of my cat when she wants to come into my room and I’m drawing 😂
iamSketchH's avatar
These are always so cute!  
Didn't Emi used to have a brother? (Though, I might be getting two comics mixed up...)
Cat-Alin's avatar
It's the eyes. They'll always get you.
AuthorGirl476's avatar
This and my allergies are why I can't own a cat
DLNJuancho's avatar
Kagerou453's avatar
My girlcat didn't even bother asking. She'd simply find the tiny hole between my elbow and lap and leap up through it like threading a needle. RIP my clever runt.
IFLE97's avatar

When our rabbit was still living in the house, she never really begged for attention or anything. But if she felt like joining the humans on the couch, she did. Sometimes jumping up from the ground and landing on my stomach if I was lying down. And then she would walk up to my face and start licking my nose because she wanted me to know she loved me... 2 kilos of soft fluff has never felt as heavy as it did then.

AndyArt51's avatar
SOOO CUUUUTE!!!!Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 
SneaselSawashiro's avatar
lol they're all such assholes

But nothing in the world is quite like a fluffy cat.
LadyArt92's avatar
Awwww omg sooo adorableness x3 lol 😂
Deriviant88's avatar

hahahahahahaha fucking cat

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