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Say Please.

By Zombiesmile
Counter piece to this: 

Mature Content

Union Jack by Zombiesmile
Thanks so much for the coffee some of you have bought me! ♥
Will be going into my shop (Link below) as a print sometime after the Leipzig Bookfair. :') 

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Deko-kun's avatar
I had such a crush on this guy when I first found out about your art!
Glad to see this artwork!! ^^
Amazing job as well!!
WridianGrey's avatar
Uh-oh, that's some pretty blatant manspreading.
LordIheanacho's avatar
Pretty Please with Icing and Cherry on Top. HO YEAH!
Nournia12's avatar
omgosh he really looks like odin arrow i love it.
levelgreat's avatar
lol i thought the cushion fluff there was supposed to be a fart haha
FifthAvarice's avatar
alexsanlyra's avatar
No homo, but... damn! He's looking sexy... that six pack... o.O'
CommanderCreative's avatar
I think that's a lot of homo
WridianGrey's avatar
Nothing necessarily gay about a man recognizing another man looking good. I mean, admiring the beauty of a sunset isn't the same thing as wanting to bang it, right? (No offense to heliosexuals intended.)
alexsanlyra's avatar
Well... I guess the homo is in the eye of the beholder. ^_~
Busiris's avatar
It's a lovely counter piece and just excellently done! The colors and smoke effects here are top notch and maybe my favorite things in this pic. Really awesome work!
LilDeviantMuse's avatar
[EXO] Baekhyun Emoticon ................Kyouko Toshinou (Sparkle Nose Bleed) [V1]  ADJ - Himawari Please 
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Danceing Dean Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) Jensen/Dean Wink ~ Free to use! Dean Jensen/Dean Dance ~ Free to use! Dean Winchester: Problem, dude? Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! Dean dance Dean Flirt Jensen/Dean Evil Laugh ~ free to use! Dean Crying Thumbs Up SPN Dean Winchester icon ~ free to use! Wut Hug 3# SPN FREE HUGZ Young and Beautiful icon Maybe Hug 2# Surprise! I don't care that I don't care ~ Free to use! Thank you Supernatural OMG Icone Striptease Gotcha SPN HUG Adorable Angry Jensen Dean Winchester's FUJA face intensifies Dean Emoticon Jensen smile Derpin' all day all night Dean icon Dean Icon- lip bite Facepalm [Supernatural] Moustache [Supernatural] What [Supernatural] Dean Meh Face Stare [Supernatural] No(3) Ermagerd Excuse Me 
gymnosophist's avatar
:XD: :D  :heart:  "As soon as you bend over..." ;p
YumeQueen's avatar
hi senpaiiiiii
schatziiii's avatar
I don`t know who is hotter Heart Heart Heart Horny! 
RMascarade's avatar
Liked it on Facebook. Fave it on DA. ;)
PenguinSenpai's avatar
Alright. Please stop smoking.
RMascarade's avatar
But he would not be... B) smoking hot (oooooh!)
PenguinSenpai's avatar
Meh I like cute guys better than hot guys
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