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Rainy Day

I swear, the weather waits for me to walk out the door.  - _ - 


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Love these comics

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aww... lil puffball emi
SkipBack's avatar
That seems to be the same problem my mother has
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HAAHA this happened this morning when I was biking to school....... then biking home from school... then walking my lazy ass dog.
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Damn rain clouds, always waiting until you walk out without your umbrella...

You must be an Oregon girl. Its like that all the time here.
Zombiesmile's avatar
Is rain exclusive to Oregon?
No. It just rains on and off here at the most random and worst times.
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I wish the rain waited for me to walk out the door. ^^' 
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Judging by that comment and your username I can confirm that you need mental help.
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I’m not mentally insane

for your information 
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Nah being mentally insane is a gift,
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Dude you didn't even understand that? smh kids these days
Mistystorm016's avatar
Well I'm a kid so ha. ;^;
Saroona0410's avatar
Lmfao I didn't mean you
Sans-is-epic's avatar
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Did she buy a lightsaber?
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Ironically, she bought an unbrella. 
ThisIsNoise3321's avatar
what a waste of money
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