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It's been a while.  Hope you are doing well.  My life has not changed much, except I don't go to events this year.  
Still not exercising enough. >;

digital comic here!
<online shop is currently on break>

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: | Patreon | Shop | or buy me coffee to keep me drawing! ♥
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But exercise is boring

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I feel identified

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Most people aren't going out this year.

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Lol that’s me on my not so happy days

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Can't blame you given the current situations going on.

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Cool art as always!:D
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That's a mood to last all year.

I've actually been getting more exercise by walking around in my apartment complex than before this fit hit the shan. Good to get some sunlight to help you feel better :)

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At least go out in your back yard. You need that sunlight to stay happy and healthy!
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Sadly I don't have a back yard, only a tiny flat. also can't risk going out, as I am pretty vulnerable.  :(

Yup. UV light helps your body create and activate vitamin D :)

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Hope you guys are doing okay to in these crazy times. 💛✌💛

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I can see that your life hasn't changed, same artist attitude, same objects and cat, same pants, you only changed your shirt and a bit of your hair
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me too :D (Big Grin)  i like this draw, a lot ^_^
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its a fun silverlining that introverts are running the world now. As much as we would like for the virus to go away, we do also have to enjoy the social effects while it lasts
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