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Loudspeaker Tour

aszjdgksfjdfds this was a bitch to draw.

Finally a look at the two missing members of the band: Scott (drums) and Kimi (rythm guitar).
"Loudspeaker" is the name of Tyler's former band, and the title song of their first album.

There is no comic I can link you to. It's not a webcomic and not published (yet) either.

Special thanks to ~Marcks and `pyros for advice on typography.

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I have a fake band, too!…

Our guys should go on tour together some day! ;)
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Mega. Awesome. :o
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02 Arena?!
They must be awesome...
Scratch that. They ARE awesome.
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Love this cover :) <3 <3 is so F%&*ING Awesome!!
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Love it XD awesome XD
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Hm... Pretty detailed characters. I like the expressions, especially of the guy on the right...
this picture makes me feel like visiting one of their concerts^^
Good job. I can see them as a unit, but also everyone got his/her specific role.
+Fave! c:

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SSO glad there's a girl in the group.
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Cool! i like how its black n white :)
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tyler looks hot to me and i'm straight.
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Haha, that's a good sign.
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orry i meant kyle but tyler has that bad ass thing going for him too. er hold on *turns around and starts to bang head against wall* BOOBS, YOU LIKE BOOBS!
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I will draw more Kimi so you won't feel too bad about it when you look at them!
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tyler is really hot :iconpervykakashiplz:
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Wow, I love this, they look really awesome:heart: And I love the perspective C:
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wow! these ears're soooo big! :lol:
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OMG AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!
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The awesome thing; I've seen two of these guys before.

The bit that disturbs me; It was a very dirty picture and oh god wat

I'm less frightened now that I know that they aren't porn stars. Unless they ARE, I guess that is fine, too ._.

...Also, this is AWESOME.
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oh uh... you might have seen some old old comic pages of mine... :| (whoops)
they're not porn stars, no... but they do have sex occasionally.

glad you still like em though! haha
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I have no idea, I don't remember enough of it to tell what it was. I just remember two of the characters and that it made me go "woh, wat"
this is probably the best thing i've ever seen i really wanna read the comic and know more aobut hte characters
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