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La Chasse aux Trikops - Cover art

By Zombiesmile
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Happy Valentine's Day! 
Sorry but I don't have any romantic art to share this year, but here's a piece I did last year for a French Sci-fi novel which is available on amazon. Kindle and Print  (in French)

Yay, alien dinosaurs! \o/

Hope you have a great day. 
Thanks so much for your Valentine notes!

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Can I say hello to dragon?
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with cover art like this, this should be a good story
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Wow... how did you make the scale texture? O-O Made some kind of custom brush or... lots and lots of little lines and other detail work? 
Anyway, good work. Happy Valentine's day as well.
And out of curiosity... can you read french? Or were you unable to read the novel you made art for? x3
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I used filters, textures and also painted some by hand. a long process!
I can read french, but I didn't read this one. The client gave me instructions and described the visual parts I needed to know. :)
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It came out quite well :3 Hope you found the end result worth all the work.
Oooh, honestly didn't expect you to know french. Impressive. 
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This looks cool, you know what instant favorite
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Instantly thought of Far cry Primal for some reason.
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ninjas fighting with alien stingray and dinosaurs, i see it all now... for now...
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Wowza that's awesome!
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when did you turn primal?
that Epic, and aparently I just forgot how to Jughe
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Woooww This is so cool! 8D
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Dayum, you don't want to get on the wrong side of those teeth :'D the badassery is strong in this one, awesome work ^^
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alright. this just made my day
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Wow i really love theese, the animals look really beautiful and original. Props to you and to the writer.
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Amazing job. I really would like to know how you did the scale texture on the two t-rex like dinosaurs.
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