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I told you so.
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Published: August 4, 2015
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Not sure what he was expecting. >~>;;

I have a feeling everyone has that one friend...
No matter how much we told him it's a dumb idea (and he knows what Wasabi is!), he still put it in his mouth. Whyyy??

At least he always provides me with Mini Comic material. Thanks man!


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What action are you doing in the last panel with the "Pok!" text?
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Was it at least the mixture of horseradish and green food dye that gets sold as "wasabi" outside of Japan? Because doing that with actual wasabi seems like it would result in far worse than what apparently happened.
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SnowShoyuHobbyist Digital Artist
I did that as a wee babe
heromomo's avatar
:) I could see that isaac cry icon 
Lilith-lenae08's avatar
Lmao, wow I love your work, its amazing!
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LadyMosiacSlimeStudent Digital Artist
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LadyMosiacSlimeStudent Digital Artist
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It means "idiot" in German.
LadyMosiacSlime's avatar
LadyMosiacSlimeStudent Digital Artist
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LunalaCrevanStudent General Artist
Pft,that was me trying wasabi first time around.
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chibiuverworldHobbyist General Artist
that's why it's only given in pea sizes. Laugh 
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zecrome20Student General Artist
Lol his face doe! XD but me.. i love wasabi plain!
/it hurts my tongue a little but its flaming fire hot lava!!!!! Rage :happybounce: 
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Crimson113xHobbyist Artist
i made the same mistake as he did once >~< i regret nothing it made me love sushi even more. ^~^
urzapw2000's avatar
nope nope nope nope nope...
funny comic!
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Lazy2nsStudent General Artist
Kinda reminds me of the first time I had sushi. My dad insisted me to try it. I had a little trouble trusting him after that...
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"Do NOT eat the pistachio ice cream. It has TURNED!"
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Mmmmh, wasabi. Try mixing wasabi with cream cheese. I think it tastes great.
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Of course, if someone tells you to NOT eat something, you just GOT to eat it!
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FrostfireAccelHobbyist General Artist
okie dokie
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