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How I Draw Comics

By Zombiesmile
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[update 9/9/13] Due to constant theft, I've been forced to add watermarks.

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about tips and tricks to comic making on Tumblr (main: mikikoponczeck.tumblr.com/, comic project: crash-n-burn-comic.tumblr.com/… and here as well, so I decided to answer some questions this way. :3

Since I didn't exactly explain toning, here's a useful insight into how other professionals do it: blackmoontides.blogspot.de/201…
Here's a video tutorials for Manga Studio: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIfJ3q…
I myself am currently mostly copy-pasting high resolution screentones. (no resizing!)

Drawing a 156 page manga usually takes me about 8-12 months. (covers and promo illustrations included)

Other general tips to get started:
•Have fun and draw what you enjoy, not what others might want to see! (pressure from others kills motivation)
•Start with small project and try finishing them!
•Don't worry about it not being perfect. It's inevitable that the first few pages will look dumb if you look back.
•You will get better the more you draw.

As always, please do not repost this on any website without my written consent (especially 9gag or Funnyjunk, etc).
Thanks to everyone who keeps an eye out for me and my work!♥ ^ 3^


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Awesome tutorial!! :w00t!:
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This is really helpful!
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Thanks for making this. It's very helpful.
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Thank you for sharing this. This is so helpful
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Wow. This is really helpful as I'm going to college next year, and the course(s) I'm taking are their comics & graphic novels program. Thanks! :D (Big Grin) 
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This is really helpful!! Especially at the writing part. Thank you for this!! Happy New year to you!  ^ ^
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This is really helpful and the lil doodles are adorable x3 (Also toning isn't my friend either >_>" I know what you mean)
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Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the chibi expressions - the honesty was inspiring, especially when I'm feeling frustrated over a step =^.^=
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I love the cartoons!
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these tips will be of great help! thank you very much La love  
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Thank you so very much! This is a very helpful guild that I will be using!^~^
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This kinda reminds me Bakuman. I find it just amazing how the manga artists alone make the most part of the job while on the anime industry (Which I learnt a bit about it by watching another good anime: Shirobako) there is a lot of staff involved for every single episode.

Keep it going and Merry Christmas (^_^)/
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Aaaa thank you <3
This actually helped me 
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I am doing something similar to this, I am learning from Mark Crilley.
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ooooh this is insightful!
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It's nice to see that you draw at about the same pace that I do.  It takes me about a year to create a finished manga, and I always assumed that I drew hideously slow and that everyone else was some kind of freakish speed artist.  And yes, looking back at the first pages of the first volume, I am absolutely horrified that I ever published them.  Thanks for the tips and encouragement!
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The little tips you pointed out on the description real pushes the motivational part further
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I'm in the early stages of a comic myself, so this is really helpful! Thanks!!
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I love this here Heart 
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I have an idea to make a romance story, but first I'll write it and then I'll draw it
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This is a super helpful guide, especially to see the multiple steps that comprise the drawing portion of comics/manga, which I knew next to nothing about. Thanks for posting this.
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This is very helpful, thanks!
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