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Final Voting *UPDATE*

By Zombiesmile
[Update2] WE WON! More info here. :3
[Update] I have just been invited to attend the actual event, so things are getting serious now! * -* This is our last chance to give Crash'n'Burn a last big push! (Voting ends on May 26th!!) Share with your friends, let's do this, woo!


Hey guys & gals and everything in between! 
Can you imagine, we made it into the FINALS!
:iconexcitedplz: YES YES YESSS! AAHHH!  
Thank you so much for voting before, this is the official list of finalists.

Do you think we can do this? Can we? I am so excited right now, you have no idea!
I need to breathe. > o<

If you want to help me out (I'd love you forever!) you can give your final vote for Crash'n'Burn here: >>>>CLICK<<<<
Thanks so much!

♥ Mikiko ♥
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If it wins is there a chance we will get an English version? Congrats though!!!! Squee Bounce  Clap 
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Vote twice now! Good luck!
sketcher-taku's avatar
*slams hand down on the vote button*
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I there miyu! Greetings from Colombia. Good luck with this final stage. Bye!
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Done o7
Good luck!
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Wanted to vote but the link didn't work for me. Asked me to contact the administrator, etc. I'll try again later. Hope you win!
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Voted and good luck 🍀
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Voted.  Good luck :)
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I was just wondering, what's Crash'n'Burn about? I know it's a german thing and sadly, I'm in no way fluent in german, so I was wondering if there was an english version maybe? Or if there's not can you tell me what it's about? You already have my vote so don't worry about replying but I'd love to know.
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I believe you can read a few translated pages on the official tumblr for the manga! But basically it's a yaoi about the two guys at the bottom forming a band with their two friends. I mostly focuses on the relationship of the two guys and their life/what-kind-of-relationship-is-this struggles tho. (Additionally, someone gets beat up in either a somewhat sexual or violent way like every chapter soo)
0530wolf's avatar
That sounds exactly what I read!!! AAAHHH!!! Are you interested in that stuff because there are two comics that are pretty much around the same genre that I love to bits!! They're by a girl here on DA called llllucid and her account is basically a wonderland if you're into the iii stuff. A FREAKING WONDERLAND!!! My favorites are Avialea and Impact Theory. I would give you the links but I'm way to lazy.

Ah, fuck it, here they are:
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Oh Lucid is on DA? Have to check that out ^^
Avialae is just perfect ~
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Yeah. She doesn't post comics here though.
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holy frick
I instantly stumbled into the sex scene in the second one
0530wolf's avatar
Ah, yes. That scene;
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You got 4 votes from me - one from each device 8DD GOOD LUCK!!!
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You have my vote!  More mini-comics please.  Thanks for sharing.
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you definitely have my vote, i really love your art
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I voted for you again! Im so happy you made it into the finals
I wish you the best luck!! You can do it!!!
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Got a bit of trouble with the link but I'll keep trying :)
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