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Double Date

My idea of a romantic evening. ♥

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I'd be the one to set off the hoard randomly
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Best double date ever :D
Omg I love left for dead and your art style
I really just can't help it the way you draw yourself and your cat it's just so cute
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me and my friends are gonna double date like this someday.
We need to find bfs and a game in common now XD
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This is my kind of double date! Heck yeah! ^.^
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car alarm part got me.
TheProxyNightcrawler's avatar
playing L4D? i wish i could do the same with my friends and my honey
OMG That is so funny XD
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Best D-date ever~
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What is going on. Sounds like minecraft and gta that have mated
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Many don't understand when I say that the most romantic thing my husband has done to me lately has been that he went AFC (Away From Computer) in middle of a battle to give me a hug. And other gamers have been "My SO NEVER would do that!", "My SO actually killed me on our last campaign.", "My SO always use me as a bait. I'm lvl 34 and he's 78."

But then again, if a good game is coming out we say goodbye for few months to each other. First play the game through, then remember you're married and could do something about it. ;)
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That's my friends and me doing exactly that Laugh 
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Best. Date. EVER!!!
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That is my exact perfect date
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Good times in that game
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Relationship goals <3
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