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Crown of Stars

By Zombiesmile
Recently my D&D friend lost her character in our Friday campaign. (Disintegrated) 
She was so devastated, I drew her character a tribute. 

This is Ciel, Warlock Paladin of the Red Knight, taken from us too soon. T_T She was a lovely person and Carmen's friend.

Carmen-> Carmen Rylatar by Zombiesmile

Have you ever lost your characters? How and what was the reaction of the group? It's hard to stay composed for me, I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING! :iconcryforever:

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My only character to die was in a Star Wars game. Stormtrooper got her with a blaster bolt to the face. (Our GM for that game is known for stormtroopers that don't fuck around.) And I'd only just started playing her, too! Oh well, at least I hadn't had time to get too attached to her.

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know that feeling I got turned to ash I half lost my silver dragonborn ex-knight fighter, it sucked because of the reincarnation process. Went from a 6'8" bipedal dragon being to a wood elf, and shenanigans ensued. It was like ishuzoku reviewers years before the show. 

Though my friend who also turned to ash in the same campaign also got reincarnated but he got it baaaaaad. went from fey elf to dwarf. His god abandoned him on the basis of his dwarfism.   
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Ur drawings r truly amazing nd the details nd colors r just too beautiful 🌟🌸
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Half-orc fighter turned into a frog and thrown into the lava filled rim of a volcano by a drunk player who apparently didn't need to roll.
Tiefling Warlord killed in the first encounter of a campaign by a homebrewed monster controlled by an angry boyfriend.
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any tips for sketching armor?
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That armor design is wonderful!
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Character loss is a terrible thing! Your drawing of her looks very serene. It definitely has some of that "looking back/remembering" feeling going on here.

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Tell me about it T-T she was my character
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Let's hope your group will find a way to somehow bring her back! Who knows, despite what happened, even if incredibly hard, it might still be possible (unless the dungeon/game master already denied any possibility from the beginning).

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There is a possibility. It’s just very expensive and need to find a higher casting cleric
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I have never lost a character unintentionally, although I did recently have a character die that I was planning to simply retire (it was a guest character that I was transitioning into a full party member), so most of the time my old characters end up as running gags or NPCs down the road. I do have a character currently that would fit me to lose, an Aasimar Celestial Warlock whose patron is her celestial ancestor. Ironically, Crown of Stars is one of her signature spells.
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Love the design
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RIP Ciel.

The last character I lost was a shugenja who saved his travelling companions from an ambush of 25 archers on rooftops at the expense of his own life. With his dying breath, and an arrow he pulled out of his leg, he wrote his death poem in the dirt of the street where he lay. There was nary a dry eye around the table and one of the characters even had a little shrine in his honour made on that road!  
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I like her a lot >< I wanna be a knight girl like her xd
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She’s a cutie
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you too girl (: you are cute too
ElvenCari's avatar

thank you beautiful soul

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thanks ><

maybe I should make a new pic of knight girls too...
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Knight girls are the best
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Great & lovely :heart::star:
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Gone but never forgotten.
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Am sure she will be back T-T
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