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Crash'n'Burn webcomic (Link below!)

By Zombiesmile
Hey everyone, 

I am reposting all Crash'n'Burn pages as a webcomic for free (all 150+ pages!), and plan on finally printing volume 1 in English this winter :) (through Kickstarter again)
You can find it here: Link Updates will be tuesdays and fridays. Please subscribe and tell your friends!

Please remember that I'd appreciate being linked back if you share (I get paid for clicks on and you can always support me on Patreon, or buy me a coffee here
Thank you! ♥ 

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OliviaMerteli's avatar
Hop another webcomics added on my tapas reading list :D
15cocopuffs's avatar
das ist von dir? :O ich hatte mir letztes jahr die beiden teile im bücherladen gekauft und hab dich jetzt durch was ganz anderes wiedergefunden :D
BlackRoses96's avatar
This is now on my list of "Things I'd love to buy and put in my Yaoi Stash when I get my own house". ^^

What do you mean exactly by "linking back"? I'd like to share it to some friends. ^^
Zombiesmile's avatar
some people repost my work, I will not report reposts as long as the description reads who the artist is and links to my website or my social media. :)
BlackRoses96's avatar
Oh, that's what you meant. I'm just going to send the link to the comic, so I guess that's alright. ^^
Zombiesmile's avatar
oh, of course. just sending the original link to friends is highly encouraged. :>
bongupper's avatar
They so remind me of Linkin Park! Chester and Mike!
SmolSweetail's avatar
Tmw you binge read without realizing it xD
RikkuFukaimori's avatar
I feel like I've seen this comic before, is it on slipshine?
Zombiesmile's avatar
nah, I requested to join the artists on Slipshine over 5 years ago and they ignored me. You can only get on there with invites. 
If it is there, it's stolen.
RikkuFukaimori's avatar
It's not posted anywhere else by you then? After seeing the pages posted on tapa I'm positive I've seen it before, I can't for the life of me remember where though.
Zombiesmile's avatar
I think I uploaded previews up to a certain point on a few sites, but mainly DA, smackjeeves,...I think? and a few German pages. The full thing is only on tapas.
Honey-Bunn-Boi's avatar
omg I love it so far
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
*Internal AND external screaming* Oh man! I have been wanting to read this for literal years! I've never pledged to a Kickstarter before but I want to own this book so I guess that'll be in my future! :heart: :excited:
twocupsofbancha's avatar
Took me a while to comment, but thank you so much for making your work available! I seriously considered ordering it in German a couple of years ago lol. I hope everything's going well with you! 
Gkvfflowergirl's avatar
An English printed copy? Now that I can actually purchase my own things? *throws confetti and air guitars* I like reading webcomics online, but I've always preferred the actual pages in my hand. Until then I'll gladly read on Tapas. Thanks so much!
MinaCatherineGrayson's avatar
This is AWESOME!

Thank you!!!

Are you planning on publishing a third part through this?

Mina ~
MiniKiwiDessin's avatar
haha x'D When I think I bought the german version without understanding a single work and that I spent five hours translating everything this google translate xD
Thank you for this, I'll be happy to be able to read it more quickly !
TrainxHeartnet's avatar
I AM SO HAPPY!!! I've been waiting for years!!!! Definitely getting a printed copy when you have one, but for now I'll wait for pages I've waited this long what's a little longer. 😻😻😻
LonelyButterfly101's avatar
I been waiting for this for years!!!
Thank you so much Mikiko, I really appreciate all the effort you put in to achieve this <3
Yu-2's avatar
I didn't even know you got started on this! :O
acnero's avatar
now this looks intense!! will definitely check back
DTJB's avatar
Sweet, I'll definitely be reading this.
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