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Crash'n'Burn vol 1, Print version

By Zombiesmile
Finally after years of waiting, it's here! T___T
Thanks so much for your patience my friends!

You can find the shop with the books & merch here . The digital download is here.


Genre: Boys Love / Music
Language: English
Pages: 160
Rating: 16 and up. includes sexual content

Kyle and Tyler only have two things in common: A love of music and a short fuse. Their constant altercations in the local music scene take an unexpected turn when they both suddenly find themselves band-less.
Driven by professional respect and an awakening curiosity, Kyle agrees to join Tyler's new band and together they discover what they had been missing all along...

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Aiyrin's avatar
Got the digital version cant wait to read :)
FallenAngelGM's avatar
Looks super awesome! I can't wait to arrive at that level of my manga project.
(Well, I'd have to reach my crowdfunding goal first... ^^; )
DBJay's avatar
Just ordered one now!

I've been looking forward to reading Crash n Burn for myself for years now.
Zombiesmile's avatar
thank you! A lot of orders came in, so it may take a few days to process. :)
DTJB's avatar
Big congrats.
Agonizing-Lachrymose's avatar
I feel bad for you. You have to deal with all this spam.
Zombiesmile's avatar
Yeah, I can't believe Deviantart has nothing in place to filter these out.  :/ managed to finally report & block everything so far, but I get so many comments, I can hardly filter it all myself.....
Agonizing-Lachrymose's avatar
Dang, that really sucks dude. Good luck.
Похожи на группу мумий тролль
ISimplyDraw's avatar
That's pretty neat. Love the illustrations!
DatSmollPotato's avatar
I ordered it this morning! <333 
Congrats!  I hope it's a big seller!
Zombiesmile's avatar
thanks! We shall see. ^^
FanaticFanGirl's avatar
Just ordered!! Im so excited to read this!! I've been following these characters for years and I'm so happy to have an physical copy to add to my book collection. Thank you so much for creating them!! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work <3
Zombiesmile's avatar
thank you so much! Working hard on volume 2 now. :) I want to release it this year too...
BeezieBean's avatar
And like that I spent near 50$ on your stuff....
I both love you and hate you right now!
Zombiesmile's avatar
; w ; Thank you!! I hope it'll all be worth it!♥
ViniciusTheVile's avatar
The singer seems to have a powerful voice and wide lungs. :D
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