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Crash'n'Burn vol 1, Digital Download

By Zombiesmile
Heya, first off, thanks for all the birthday wishes! I can't reply to them all, but I'm really happy just reading through them. ^v^)♥
It's been quiet here, but I've been working on the English version of this comic for a while now. I finally have a digital download version (pdf) in my gumroad shop. :3
The print version is in progress too, currently talking to the printers and fixing the files. It should be ready in late March. This new version has more backgrounds, more details and some extras compared to the old version.

If you are interested, check out my other digital goods, or feel free to read my webcomics here. 
Currently I'm most active on Instagram, so feel free to follow me there. :>
For all other links, here's my website.

Thanks for being so lovely to me, I will try my best to post some more (new) art soon. 


Genre: Boys Love / Music
Language: English
Pages: 160
Rating: 16 and up. includes sexual content

Kyle and Tyler only have two things in common: A love of music and a short fuse. Their constant altercations in the local music scene take an unexpected turn when they both suddenly find themselves band-less. Driven by professional respect and an awakening curiosity, Kyle agrees to join Tyler's new band and together they discover what they had been missing all along...

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BLshipsforLIFE's avatar
Lol try guy in the back looks like if you mixed ash and taker together
Laugh-Butts's avatar
Loving how Volume 2 is going so far!
KitsuneNekoTigi's avatar
I love their designs
Crowdakk's avatar
Just bought the digital copy.
Can't wait to read it!
Passin's avatar
TheSoullessRedbeard's avatar
One of my favorit Manga.
I even have a signed Tyler poster from JapanTag in Düsseldorf.
Alice-Parker's avatar
So excited to have an English print version almost available!
YumeQueen's avatar
I love your work
DominoPunkyHeart's avatar
Cute boys <3  this might be an interesting story.. :D
BeakTVArt's avatar
Really cool, amazing too :)
YES!! I've been DYING for you to release this in english ever since I read the first 20 pages years ago. I just purchased it and I'm so happy. Please release more soon you beautiful artistic genius!! :)
Sora-54's avatar
I remember seeing this years ago on here AND I FINALLY FOUND IT AGAIN!!! 
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
Yay! Can't wait for the print version!
Jajna's avatar
8O Ok... this is good to know~ digital uploud öw ö
Runire's avatar
EmilieBlueValley's avatar
Stefandorfer's avatar
Ich hätte mal zwei Fragen diesbezüglich.
Zum einen: kann man bei dir mit Paypal zahlen?
Zum anderen: ist die digitale Kopie eine PDF, die ich dann am Laptop lesen kann, oder brauch ich da einen Reader dafür?

Ich würd mich nur ungern wo registrieren und hab dann nix davon. Ich hoffe es ist okay.
Zombiesmile's avatar
1. Leider nein, nur Kreditkarte. :( Gumroad bietet sonst nichts an soweit ich es sehen kann.
2. Es ist eine pdf, also brauchst du keinen reader. :)
Stefandorfer's avatar
Alles klar, danke für die flotten Antworten. :)
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