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Crash 'n' Burn Vol. 1 is out!

By Zombiesmile
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For all those who do not follow my Crash'n'Burn blog, Crash'n'Burn #1 is finally out! You can buy it at Tokyopop's webshop (Germany, Austria) and Amazon.de or Amazon.co.uk. (overseas shipping, I think!)
Thanks for your support so far. ♥  If you do buy a copy, I would greatly appreciate reviews (on amazon) as well! kaomoji set 1 9/19 

You can read sample pages here. Please share as much as you can to make an English version possible Thank you!

Language: German
Publisher: Tokyopop Germany
168 pages, paperback, for ages 16 and up, contains sexual themes, strong language and violence.

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Congrats! ~ I'm really looking forward to reading it. I love your character development and concepts. Cant wait to see more.

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Ooooo! I tried looking for an English version, but it doesn't exist! This series needs to be more than one language! 😣
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hey, the seriers is being updated on tapas.io now. tapas.io/series/Crash-n-Burn Kickstarter for the english version coming in 2018.
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Awesome! Thank you so much 😁 I can't wait to read it. It seems like an awesome series ♡
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I've read what you could post on Tapastic and I really like your story it looks really interesting and I hope your publisher will accept to translate it in English (or better in my case,  in French !) :D

For the time being I'll wait and you have all my support !! <3
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Hate to bother, but will there ever be a version in english, bc I would totally buy it?
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awwww man, i was totally gonna buy but none for USA
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Ich frage mich wie viel zeit du investiert hast., einen kompleten manga zu zeichnen ^^?
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Crash'n'Burn ist nur einer von vielen comic-projekten, hat aber etwa 9-10 Monate pro Band gedauert. (Reines Zeichnen)
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ja das kann ich mir gut vorstellen ^^
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knew it XD i do enjoy your comic shorts. especially around you lovely and adorable cats. from a cat lover to another.

Pusheen Emote Cat Bread Face cat planet Cat nods walking cat cat 
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Man i would buy it if it was in english cuz I'm a loser and only know one language lol
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I can't read german :cry: 
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has the English version come out yet?
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TwT i want it in english.... <3 so awesome
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...Gosh...I'M SO TEMPT into buying it...so freaking tempt...
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Love the comic. Hope the publishers let you sell it in English too (or Japanese since I can at least attempt translating that on my own).
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I can't read German yet, but I am taking German and I am learning! I will get these anyway :P Eventually... when i have monies..
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Damn! i can't read German. Big Fool Emoji-30 (Mah feelz hurtz) [V4]  
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I realy want this!! but i don'T see a version ''english'' ;3;!!! i am not very good (cose a speak french) buut i really want read your comiiic
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