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Crash 'n' Burn 2 OUT NOW!

By Zombiesmile
Heya! It's finally here! 
So many of you have been asking about this for years, and now both vol 1 and 2 are available in my shop
There's also a digital version, if you prefer to save space in your shelf or can't afford the shipping cost. :) 

Until Oct. 31st, use BOO2019 to get 15% off!

Here's some more info
Format: A5, Softcover
Pages: 164, black & white
Language: English
Rating: 16+
Genre: Boys Love, Music

Thanks so much for your support all this time my friends! 
I can now begin work on further projects, such as short stories, etc. ^.^ 
Please share this info with friends if you can, I very much rely on word of mouth to make a living. 


 Donate coffee  Coffee  or support me on Patreon .:Bullet:. Patreon 
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Sevel's avatar
oh nice...da muss ich mal gucken ob ich das mir holen kann. Grats zum weiteren Band! Mega Leistung
rainsingingdragon's avatar
Wow! I just ordered the first book and I haven't received it yet. It seems to me so soon that the second issue is out.
I look forward reading them both!
SailorSnowflack's avatar
Interesting, maybe next month I'll get the digital.
TimelordFandango's avatar
AremBefanti's avatar

Congratulations Mikiko!

It looks great!!

TheSoullessRedbeard's avatar
One of my Favorit Manga i have. I like the Story.
luciol-sunaki's avatar
boys love isn't my thing. But it looks so great !! :nod:
Hardwing's avatar
LadyIcepaw's avatar
I already own the German version, but now I'm tempted to get the English one too :D
Congrats on getting it published, you earned it! <3
Lookafar's avatar
Congrats! "Published at last!" - I know the feeling so well.

Now sit back and have a gin, I insist.
Poke-Poet4's avatar

You wrote a manga that looks this professional?! It looks like the sort of manga you find at Barnes and Noble's! Wow! I'm impressed! I mean, I'm not personally into the Boys Love genre, but the fact that it's a SEQUEL is wonderful as well! Was the first one this high-quality and professional-looking too? Regardless, I hope for your continued success. :)

Zombiesmile's avatar
I try to keep my books of this quality, since I have been published before and have high standards, haha. 
Glad it's so appreciated! 
(All my books are in my shop btw, if you want to have a look. ;) )
Sarahostervig's avatar
god i remmber this comic <3
Gurdim's avatar
congratulations :)
Gurdim's avatar
-thumbs up-

(he can't remember how to make the thumbs up emote)

(also he writes in third person... that's not a good sign... zan zan zan!)
I'll sling the ad around to potentially interested parties, thanks!
Zombiesmile's avatar
Hiokami-chan's avatar
I have both books at home and their are one of my all time favorite!
Zombiesmile's avatar
Thanks for the support! THese are the updated edition with all (most?) mistakes fixed and shades/bubbles redone. ^^  I will be bringing them to LBM 2020 too!
LARS777's avatar
Wait,it's a sequel?
where's the first one?8O
Zombiesmile's avatar
The first one is also in my shop. ^^
LARS777's avatar
I'll check it out B)
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