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Commission for an animation project for ~ProminenceFlare
DA doesn't have an Animation BG section, so I put it in game art. :v

inspired by: Italy, San Fransisco, Antibes (France)

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Awesome picture. I really like the shading and colouring, which makes it pop even more. :)
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A lot of this reminds me of Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle...the scenic town on the shore, the flying ships, the vibrant colors...
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Why can't the world look like this?
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I want to live there! ; u;
dream-and-imagine-7's avatar
it kinda makes me think of Kingsbury in Howl's moving castle

The red flags and the floating ships have something to do with it.
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Haha, I just thought the same thing!
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That's wonderful :D
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I love the airships! This looks like such a beautiful place to be, wonder what the weather's like.
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probably sunny, mild and windy!
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Nothin' like a coast line to brighten up a picture. You did a great job, i'd love to live there :D
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thanks! Me too actually. XD
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:D This does look like Napoli a bit. So cool.

I know thousands of others have said this, but I do think Howels moving castle when I see it xD Its just the color scheme, really that's all D: ...plz do not kill me, I've seen your "Characters that are original, but everyone thinks it's fanart" picture, so I understand if I may get slapped lol
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This is absolutely wonderful :) I wish I could live there :D
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Huzzah! Another great wallpaper for my desktop! Thanks for all of these great pieces. :D
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you're welcome! glad you like them. :)
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It's 'Howl's Moving Castle' with modern streets! Love!
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Ah! I love it! Fantastic work!!
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I love the airships they're amazing!
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haha, my first time drawing some... I think I should practice more next time. XD;
unnatural-disaster's avatar
They're still really cool though :D
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Woah großartig <3<3<3 *_*
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