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CnB - Scream

By Zombiesmile
Revamped old piece of Crash'n'Burn.
Will be a print in my shop in April or so. :} Bringing it to MCC in Leipzig next week! ♥
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© 2017 - 2021 Zombiesmile
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I will keep asking the company for an english version lDD
this iiis great!!!

MinaCatherineGrayson's avatar
I love them ^^ 

What about a third Manga????
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DTJB's avatar
I hate you too. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 
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Im totally in love with this two guys :3 ♥
Horrorfan2902's avatar
still waiting for that comic to update
justcake's avatar
Horrorfan2902's avatar
:I I feel like I've been waiting for 100 years
justcake's avatar
yeah .. kinda :I .. Im so in love with this Charakters .. I have the Official two Manga at home and i read them like .. two times a month o-o (is this creepy?)
Horrorfan2902's avatar
well I read manga that I've already read multiple times, so no, not really
justcake's avatar
ok good *puh :D

Im totally in love with them both ♥ *-*
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I missed this comic XD
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You made them look like two stupid gorillas fighting for territory. :D
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...and then they made out.
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Nice work. I really like the colors and the symmetry.  Great job. Keep up the great work. =)
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If only someone would fan translate this into english, it looks interesting.
silvereye94's avatar
just love them ♥♥♥
tyler is totally my type '3' 
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If only I could read German X_x
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