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Cat Gifts

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Emi likes bringing me stinky socks and also chews on my cacti. She's a weird cat. ._.

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emobunny1234Student Photographer
What happened to the other cat Batsu?
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:D so nice
Feedmeow18's avatar
My cat eats my hand and food
mouseek's avatar
The only thing that's missing is "feathers I plucked off of my toys."  Otherwise, this is spot-on. :)
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CattyAnimatesHobbyist Digital Artist
Emi is my spirit animal.
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Zappod44Professional Digital Artist
My cat also try to eat my cactus and what is most funny she try to eat my Christmas Tree and polypody. Our cats are crazy ;)
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unikittypersonHobbyist General Artist
My cat also likes trying to eat my cactus
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MLauviahProfessional General Artist
:heart: cat!!!!!
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N282Hobbyist Writer
My cat Nova brings them in alive. Twice now I've woken up to him chasing a chipmunk around the bedroom -.-
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Agent-Of-DeathHobbyist General Artist
cats think we are the same and think we cant hunt, so when they bring a dead animal to us, its like they are saying- here dummy, this is how you hunt, see this thing, its deceased, let me show you how XD
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Inugami2904Student Traditional Artist
My cat brought a bird in the house yesterday
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CharlestheComicArtisHobbyist Traditional Artist
outdoor cats look at the impracticality of indoor cats gifts 
"whats the point if they cant eat it?'
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AllelujahLuminHobbyist General Artist
My cat Mocha gives me moles, birds, mice, and snakes. I rarely see frogs and lizards. 

My cat Harley is the one who brings me weird things like candles. 
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Timber-wolffStudent Artist
TheNerdAuthor's avatar
by far the best "gift" i've gotten from a cat was one of my grandpa's old cats, KC. One day while i was visiting him, i was sitting on the steps of his porch, and she walked up, dropped a squirrel at my feet, and looked up at me expectantly XD
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EmraldSplashCatStudent Artist
awww lol
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Teddy bear: "et tu Emi-chan" then fall Teddy bear
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AmyNChanHobbyist General Artist
lolol awwww
Dragonguy03's avatar
Rest in pieces....everything really xD
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PocketWhispererHobbyist General Artist
I rather have socks then dead things,  their coats look so beautiful!
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well a bar owner i know in the mountain place where i go on holiday has a cat who roams the woods out of the village (as many cats there, and with some risks from foxes): one evening the cat came back with a young owl xO 
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W0lfpupHobbyist Digital Artist
my dog does this sometimes
he'll just randomly get a roll of paper towel and bring it to you
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AdamSpearsHobbyist General Artist
A cat that brings you dead animals = a cat teaching you how to hunt = a cat that cares for you…
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xxRisunaxxHobbyist Digital Artist
Emi looks so cute & sweet >w<
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