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Cat Carry-on

By Zombiesmile
The last Week I was in LA visiting AdobeMAX, and this happens everytime I get ready to travel.... ( ̄▽ ̄; )
You can follow the journey on my instagram (there's a story highlight on my profile!) btw, I'd be super happy if you checked it out. ♥

Does your pet get anxious/angry/sad when you are about to leave? ; v ;
I wanna know.


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My dog has very serious separation anxiety, so if there's any less two people in the same room as him, he gets really upset. :lol:
SailorSnowflack's avatar
I do the unthinkable and just move her. D: 
Evodolka's avatar
my cat does the same when ever my brother is packing up
i think cats just like suitcases :D
Fine Emi. Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your family. Dishonor on your cow.
PRwombat's avatar
my cat gets separation anxiety too.... she looks so sad when i go outside,she sits there meowing out the window
I actually save big brown bags for my brother's cats for this specific reason. Also one of the main reasons I love going over to his place around christmas to play where's waldo cat edition.
Art-By-Cait's avatar
My cats love crawling into my bag, packed or otherwise, when I'm going on a trip. I feel terrible, and then when I get back they avoid me ; ~ ;
samvadar's avatar
MotoNeko's avatar
Typical and relatable cat problems XD
LunalaCrevan's avatar
My dog does this all the time:D
RandDesigns's avatar
they just don't give a fuck
MotoNeko's avatar
So true. My cat keeps lying on my keyboard at times.
universeMadeofArt's avatar
ugh i hate that moment when cats do that! i rarely ever get to leave my home state!! i'm not kidding to! 
my cat hates it when i leave for a few hours but she's cool about it 
Brutaka's avatar
My dog, Tank, did something like this before I went to Chicago for two weeks last year, except my suitcase was already packed. He was spazzing out when I came home!
Shadoan's avatar
Solution: By a second suitcase and pack it. The cat can't be in 2 places at once.
ViniciusTheVile's avatar
Simply grab it and put it out of the suitcase. Cats shall have not more power than their human owners.
AndrewAllanFaulkner's avatar
My cat did this when I went on a trip. I was like, "I shall return fur child," she purred and got up.
JRayG's avatar
Happens whenever a bag or box comes out that wasn't there before with mine too. Cat Inspection time..... and maybe a nap in it.
Tranquil-R's avatar
cat are so helpful with being procutive hee hee
blackstarlight17's avatar
One of my cats, Lester, he goes nuts whenever I have to leave for work or do anything. He gets super frantic and will practically swing off my leg wailing and whining if I'm not careful.
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AJ-Morrow's avatar
This is why I love cats.
Siryon92's avatar
Ahahahahah my cat does the exact same thing
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