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Canadian Spring

By Zombiesmile
In April I spent a month in Quebec city and met some wonderful people. :) 

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Cartoonicus's avatar

If someone goes out in the cold wearing only warm socks and warm undies, I don't think that's going to help them much.

Empty-Ink's avatar

so true tho- our April is so super cold and “warm” but-

us Canadian just love it- and some of us don’t lmao

we have an love-hate relationship with our weather, am i right Canadian Artist 😂

Trainwrekcomics's avatar
Please come to Texas. Instead of cold, we have heat. LOTS. OF. HEAT.
LadyKittuna's avatar
There is cold during the winter though. I lived in Snyder Texas a few years ago and during one winter it got down to -40 below one night. It caused a city pipe to burst in town and when it got back up to above freezing temperatures the next morning an entire street downtown was flooded.
Trainwrekcomics's avatar
OK, that's true. The panhandle does actually experience what we call "winter". However, if you live in or around the southern parts of Texas (like Austin, Houston or San Antonio) it's pretty much warm all year round.

Also, my previous comment was made in jest, so let's not get uber-serious about the true temperatures of Texas, shall we? ;)
Antervantei's avatar
wow! Quebec is my home province XD
Doctor-Crow's avatar
Looks kinda like Minnesota Spring
LadyArt92's avatar
Lol omg I love ur drawing x3 nd ur comic is really awesomeness 🌸
Erulastiel's avatar

Yup. It's mid-June and it still feels like "real" spring over in Ottawa.

MotoNeko's avatar
I cant relate but it's hilarious to imagine and appealing to watch. I always enjoy your comics so keep up living your life! :D
Radschel's avatar
Remembers me of this saying from the mountains we came from.
There are two seasons in the ore mountains:
hard winter
Also, the trees are only blooming every two years, the other they carry fruits. SO kinda relatable.
NintendoGuy5's avatar
Ooh I was in Quebec City in April too. I loved it, such a beautiful city, especially the old part. And to be honest, I quite liked the weather, sweatpants and a hoodie were good enough for me. 
Qavvikk's avatar
To be honest it was one of our worst April from a while, seriously we still get some snow in MAY.
Buuru's avatar
I'm happy you had a good time in my country! <3
KeroGuardian's avatar
This comic is so relatable. I just recently went to Canada in the end of March to mid-April--thank goodness I packed winter clothes. 
Cryonisia's avatar
Québécoise here! Hope you enjoyed your time here! ^-^
FireXeriF's avatar
I hope you enjoyed staying in Québec!
Merci d'être passé! :)
aletchetta's avatar
April and May are pretty cold this year in Quebec yeap. xD I hope you still enjoyed it :)
Freakconformist's avatar
I live in Wisconsin, just a few hundred miles south of Quebec City, and April is _not_ the beginning of warming season. You're lucky if you get consistently 60-degree weather by the end of May. I feel like your host was trolling you. XD 
Daiyomi's avatar
ha! enjoy, though it's nice and clear now
The-One-Free-Man82's avatar
Neat, Ms. Cardona from Barcelona, in España! (And I don't even know who she is!)
FanOfUs's avatar
Ah... le Quebec ! Une vrais curiosité pour les frenchy comme moi ! ^^
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