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Becoming a Rocker II


finally, the counterpiece of: [link]

Also just a note, both Tyler and Kyle do not have thick accents. (I was looking up glaswegian accents. MY GOD I think after listening to the same thing 5 times I understood half of what was said.)

PS: I love toofgaps. :iconiluplz:
PPS: their playlists: [link]
PPS: I greatly disapprove of smoking. (I am not your mum of course, but just felt the need to mention.)


Stock art used: [link] , [link] , [link] , [link]
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Can I marr him? Please!
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That is one crazy life!
And you draw it so well!
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Yay he came from the motherland! lol
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do they like the song called"one of us" by Joan Osborne?
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he is a Law student?!
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Meh…I wouldn't be surprised if he was.

I've heard of medical students who were hard partiers in college and it's all really…..unethical :stare:
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What is  hard partiers?
TheIce-Sorceress's avatar
Not what, who.

Basically they're people who party WAY too much 
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TheIce-Sorceress's avatar you speak English?
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a little.I am not good at English
TheIce-Sorceress's avatar
Okay then.

It's alright ^_^

Sorry of I didn't make sense earlier XP
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i am LOVING 17 year old Kyle <3
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--.-- *tugs at zombiesmiles sleve* is i think...your hand bag from your goth years growing up picture?
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I look forward to reading it ^^ looks interesting
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How did that little cutie turn into
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Wow, he's pretty cool. I think I like his 17 year-old look the best. Although his 25 year-old self is really awesome, too. XD
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to be honest these sheets are so old, I'd like to redraw the oldest stages, hehe. But I am glad you like him!
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I still think they're awesome. I'd love to be able to read the comics if they get printed in english. The characters are really cool and I'd love to see all the fun situations they could get into. ^_^
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I really love the ideas for the characters (I was just looking at Tyler's counterpart of this) and the ideas I have seen in general have got me hooked! It sounds really very interesting!
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