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Finally the last member of our Friday session. Baryl, our dwarven dream druid. :moon: 

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Is anyone else thinking of the Ghost of Christmas Present?
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Come, and Know Me Better Man!!
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He looks like such a sweetheart, I'd love to be friends with him!

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Hesh sho cute!

Oh my god, I love him!

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Beautiful work, as always


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I play as a druid gnome, and we kind of have the same design with the braids!! Mine is chaotic good tho and he has a pet opossum

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he looks very feminine for a dwarf. but also very trustworthy.

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Oh, i've been seeing a lot of dwarf druids lately, and im hella happy with it! I drew one of those too!

Dwarf Druid

magically enchanting

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This is incredibly cute :)

Always interesting to see cheery, kind of peaceful dwarves!

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What a handsome soft!X3

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Reminds me of Vi from Rat Queens!

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@Zombiesmile , How do you reach this beautiful Portrait of such expressive character?

I study and practise my art and other but I can't reach this beauty. It is a Mystery.

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Huh a tree hugging dwarf. Who knew: awesome work here
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Oh my heart I love them!!

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"Can you paint with all the colors of the ale!"

This is a hilarious and very fun character concept rendered into a surprisingly pretty and amazing image.

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