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Bad Day

When you have a bad day, get yourself a nice long hug. - 3- :iconlovelyheartsplz: always works for me.

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When you have a Bad Day and you have someone to charge your life up again.

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ow so cuty ♥
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They are making chargers now that that you only have to put the device next to them to recharge. But you already found that out.
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hey, your comic was posted on 9gag, that's where I know it from. I don't remember who posted it though, but I thought I'd let you know
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when I have a bad day i DESTROY SOMETHING  :icon300plz: 
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also when I have a bad day,cleaning the cat lessons,I just cross-country to her mom and hug her in the hope that I's recharged a bit and Yes,it helps,with my sister as it turns out,well...almost O_O
in this case you can understandPetting is sensual! Man Hug Comfort me. 
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Woa, thats me, but I think I don't have a charger... No wonder why I'm so lazy hehe
countvesper's avatar
is that the reason to our laziness? 
dang itLlama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
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Oml I can relate! XD
When I'm having a bad morning with my parents, & then I go to school to find ma BF
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There are so many times I wish I had someone I could do this with. My emotional batteries take a while to run out, but when they do, there is no one around to help me recharge them in such a direct sense.
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count me in.
even spent my holidays playing with my phone
kinda worried that ill do that this coming new years eve too
Medic Really Likes What He Sees XD (Chat Icon) 
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Haha, I spent it playing Dark Souls 2 with an online buddy. xp
mushiebug's avatar
same here m8 we're so lonely ;-;
Lizztale's avatar
I can relate to ya
that comic is like my life but it is a dog instead of a cat.
Midnite-Wolfe's avatar
Awww! Your comics always make me smile, but this one it just too cute!
doomsdayultra's avatar
two ways to get you energized. Coffee and cuddles
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Panel five
I have never seen anyone this triggered.
FioletowyOwocek's avatar
So lovely <3 i love your comics !
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