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I should probably mention that I live in Germany, and they just decided to flock to me when I was meeting a dude who had never seen me before.
In the end it all worked out and most of the ladies left before the dude showed up. He asked if the last, elderly lady standing around was my mum. lol.
Got my ipod though, woo!♥ ;D

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Another Mini Comic brought to you by the lovely support of my patrons. ♥ When I meet my next milestone I will start making tutorials on a regular basis. 
Thanks for having my back guys. Much love.

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It's almost like there are billions of short asian women. 
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Always wear something stupid-obvious. Like, I wore my grumpy cat beanie.
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where do u get one of those, i need one
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Mine I found around winter at a C&A store, in Germany.
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I live in the US ;_;

Thankfully there's the Internet, so I'll look online for it :D
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There some at Hot Topic :3
ILovePUNdertale's avatar
Hot topic is the best :D
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I look extremely different from other people :P
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Haha, that's great. When I meet people I just say I'm a girl with short brown hair, but then I hang out with the boys and now I blend right in while the person is looking at all the groups with girls.
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QOQ xD Made me al;most spit my hot HOT Chocolate at mah siblings! XD
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At least you got your iPod. :) 
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It there a subsection for "Kawaii" in Murphy's Law Book? Because I think you just wrote one in there, lol.
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Forgot "cute" in the description.
... Um, she kinda has to be MORE descriptive if she ads that... just saying.
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Hehehe Ajia hito wa Ajia hito janai?
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Because there are a lot of Japanese in Dusseldorf, I was asked whether my aunt who was standing by was a mother or not.
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