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Please note that I don't use ALL these tools for every piece I make. Not using these doesn't make you a bad artist. People just asked what I use, so I am sharing the info.

Update: I now no longer use my intuos Pro L, instead I use an Intuos Pro Paper Edition (M) and a Companion 2.

Link to my FAQ

I completely forgot that I also use POLYCHROMO colour pencils (by Faber Castell) for touch ups and details in traditional tools. Sorry! Not sure if I can edit it in still, but I hope people will simply read the description...  

A lot of you have suggested Krita as an alternative to GIMP. Also, Clip Studio Paint is a cheap and good program geared mainly to comic and manga making.

Since some people are assuming I am rich, it took me at least ten years to get all these materials together and test techniques. They're also what I earn my living with, so it's a necessary investment for me. :)

This tutorial has been brought to you by my patrons!  ♥
If I reach my next milestone on Patreon, I will start making more tutorials on a regular schedule! (Right now I make them when I find the time.)

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I use MediBang Paint Pro to draw things digitally, and I am finding it much better than FireAlpaca in my opinion.:)
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You don't neccesarily need palette. You can just use a normal plate(s).
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Apparently a new version of SAI is under development which will be optimised for 64bit systems, as well as able to handle much larger canvas sizes (100K x 100K in the 64bit version), as well as more layers, a built in Text editor and maybe an autosave option!…
Artemispool's avatar
I downloaded Sai for free,not legal or best option but it works just fine.I am hoping to get photoshop for next Christmas.I used Krita once but wasn't comfortable for me,probably because idk how to use it.
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1Wow didn't think of using a hair dryer.  Nice tip
fulcrum77's avatar
I've got various lumps of paper, uneven, an ancient Rotring Tikky II 0.5, even more ancient Staedtler eraser and a bunch of cheap chinese ballpoint pens. I'm roughing it.
magefeathers's avatar
Thank you! I was looking into getting a Huion and didn't know if it was good!
LiliLith's avatar
Krita is a really good free alternative to PTS, and maybe to photoshop someday :D.  
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the-anything-network's avatar
fair tips, good art style.
kalouriis's avatar
Where'd you get the Pebeo Watercolor inks?? I've been searching for those for a while!
Zombiesmile's avatar
I ordered them online in a german art supply shop!
Matteyalien's avatar
ummmmm...uhhhhh.wait what? oh....wait huh? I think I get it though.... i dont knooooooooooooooooooooo-

UnicornCat's avatar
(Du bist ja Deutsch, cool :la:)
Ich habe großartige Erfahrungen mit Faber Castell Albrecht Dürer Aquarellstiften gemacht. Die sind fast genauso farbintensiv wie Polychromos bei Benutzung als "normalen" Buntstiften, und wenn man sie mit Wasser vermalt, haben sie einfach eine riesige Farbbrillianz.
Klar ist Copics ein ganz anderes Medium, aber ich finde, mit Aquarellbuntstiften lässt sich fast der gleiche Effekt erzielen. Wenn man sich also Copics nicht leisten kann (oder will), kann man Aquarell einüben und damit auch professionell wie mit Copics arbeiten ;)
Ich hoffe, ich konnte dir weiterhelfen mit deinem Tutorial!
BBHSN98's avatar
copic markers are like 'really' prizey here (single ciao costs at least 16 TL, a whole set costs a goddamn 1000 TL)
Honey-Bunn-Boi's avatar
Been using Copics for 6 years, I love them >w<
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Very cool. I pretty much use all the same stuff except for the traditional coloring tools. My art starts on paper and I draw with mechanical pencils and erasers.  I have an Epson scanner too and use it a lot. I then ink and color with photoshop or illustrator.  Made me happy to see someone that does things similar to me. I would love a second monitor. That would be helpful.
Ketaster's avatar
okey, this may help me a lot :)
ty then
meowmilly's avatar
does the hair dryer make the watercolours spread??
YagiMatsu's avatar
These are really interesting to find out! And ohmygosh we have the same tablet--
Your sooo lucky!!!! I'm a big fan of your mini comics!!!!
I want Copic markers soooo bad!!!
Kitty-Kirishima's avatar
I do the hair dryer thing as well, I hate waiting xD
TheMistressofFire's avatar
I use Wacom and Faber-Castell too! And Photoshop on ocasion :)
Minagi-Mikoto's avatar
Very nice and helpful. Thx. :)
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