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Second of the three character sheets.

For the design of clothes, I was inspired by asian cultures, mongolian and chinese in particular.
The Prince was more leaning towards a mix of indian and arabian (his name is also originally persian)

I have no idea if "Anh-soh" means anything horribly embarrassing in another language, but google told me it's ok. 8[;;;


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Cool design work, here! I'd imagine this chap would be quite popular as a lead role in a tv series \ movie. Very Oriental. Good stuff! :thumbsup:
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I love your art style!
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"the longer the braid, the higher the status of a warrior" GoT Dothraki inspired maybe ;P
Zombiesmile's avatar
I'm afraid not. O: GoT started in 2011, this image was posted up in 2009... I also only read thew books after seeing the TV series. XD
though I guess it's a cool coincidence. (many cultures have similar stuff though)
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Wow I just adore his character design! Very fresh, unique and wild :D
Haseo-Ani-Waya's avatar
Interesting. Original, but not so new that its too different to understand. Very nice
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All of these characters look fantastic! Ru's design is especially unique
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You're very welcome :]
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awesome i wish i was as good you
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I love it! The hair, the body, the scars, everything! Oh, and the side view, and front view at bottom too.
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Your work is just fantastic it crazy!! Awesomeness to the max!
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You are very welcome. And not to sound creepy,but your work is so amazing that it inspires me to practice more and become better.
You keep up the spectacular work!
Zombiesmile's avatar
aw, I am happy to hear that. C:
draw draw draw! you can do it!
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You are really into scars!
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oh, actually not really. I realise a lot of my characters have scars, but they're all purposeful.
I think there's no adult human without some scars, and this guy is a warrior living in the forest, protecting his tribe from beasts and intruders. it would be rather unrealistic to not have scars at this rate. :)
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Yes, it would be... But what about the blonde girl that looks like Alice in Wonderland?
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she's not my character. it's `Endling's goldielocks.
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nice personal reprezentation
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