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Party Tiem

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all ponies are (c) Hasbro :u
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That's cool, here's my head canon:

Twilight (Twilight Spencer): Arab (American)

Pinkie (Pinkie Diane Peirce): Anglo (American)

Applejack (Alison "A.J." Jackson): Anglo (American)

Rarity (Rarity Hotchkiss): French (Canadian)

Rainbow (Rachel "Dash" Danshov): Russian (American)

Fluttershy (Florence "Flutters" Sheppard): Anglo (American)
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Cyber-Angel-RowanHobbyist Writer
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TheatricTheoHobbyist Digital Artist
AJ: I'm strong 😏
PP: I love you rainbow dash!!! 😀
RD: pinkie get off me! 😠
FS: oh my goodness 😨
R: seriously, I'm trying to do my make up. 😒
S: I love you Rarity 😍
TS: I'm surrounded by lovable idiots 😅
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Natsume-Irchiriko-12Student Artist
4 Words: I. Love. Those. Stockings
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I really like how you drew Applejack so many artists draw her as stereotypical tiny girl here she has muscle and look's strong so thank you.
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They look awesome
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ikustangHobbyist Writer
I SO LOVE your Twilight. *_*
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I love rd in this pic

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darazanHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is fantastic, and thank you for not putting Twilight in a plaid or pencil skirt. I find pants to be a much more practical option for her with all the running around that she does.
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moonlit-kittyStudent General Artist
These designs are so perfect~! I'm totally speechless. 
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gummithestarHobbyist General Artist
I would want to have :iconnyancatplz: Boots XD
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Love 'em! :heart:
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BlackQuestantStudent Digital Artist
omg pinkie what r u doin' xD
awesome o/
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Here's what they're all thinking:
*AJ: Hey, y'all!
*Pinkie: HI, DASHIE!!!
*RD: Pinkie Pie, get off!
*Fluttershy: Oh my!
*Twilight: Heh heh, oh Pinkie.
*Spike: Raaaarityyyyyyyyy...:drool:
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RainbowPlatypusHobbyist Digital Artist
This is not only the first Pinkie with pigtails I have ever seen but the first ponies that have nearly matched my headcanon exactly. I love your versions. twilight looks so badass. Your art style is such an inspiration to me. :swoon: Do you think you'd ever do a RariJack?
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kiwii-marshmallowProfessional Digital Artist
These are the best most accurate ginjinkas I've seen
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cherryjjvStudent Traditional Artist
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WintersWhiteWolfHobbyist General Artist
i freakin love rainbowpie!
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WintersWhiteWolfHobbyist General Artist
gosh i love your art! your so epicly awesome!
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Pinkie and Dashie make me smile.
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WintersWhiteWolfHobbyist General Artist
me 2!
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MetellaStellaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Rainbow Pie glomp, GO!
ELLOCABRUJAProfessional Digital Artist
loves spikes hoodie
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I love Pinkie Pies hair :D ITS SO FLUFFY!
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