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well, I got it in May...just got to remember to install it. I'm so lazy :)

also I'm not dead lol


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He overdid it. He really, really overdid it this time.

It wasn’t unusual for Bill to overeat; it was pretty much what he did at every meal now that he had given in to his gluttonous fantasies and started gaining. In fact, his boyfriend (and drummer) was usually the one helping him to reach his goals, stuffing him at every opportunity that he got.

But this, this was too much.

Bill threw his head back against the couch and lazilly ran a hand over his groaning belly, moaning as another wave of nausea hit him. The normally soft blob that was his stomach was now hard and tight, filled to the brim with slice after slice of pizza and - ugh, how many strawberry daiquiris had he drank? Either way, it was not sitting well.

“Ugh, why did I have to get the best pizza place in the city to cater the party?” Bill hazilly thought as he let out a loud belch, blushing and hoping no one heard. He winced as his belly let out a sickening gurgle, another cramp hitting him. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore how badly the room was spinning as he drunkenly rubbed his thundering belly. His other hand slowly reached up towards his mouth, pulling out the slice of pizza that he had almost forgotten was still hanging out of it, and carelessly dropped it onto the floor.

He opened one of eyes, staring forward at the coffee table in front of him. It was a fuzzy blur, but as his vision cleared somewhat, he could make out the glasses upon glasses of daiquiris he had chugged. God, it hurt just to look at; he was never, ever drinking those again.

He closed his eyes again before he got too dizzy, leaning back against the couch. He turned his head to the side, in a futile attempt to avert his guest’s eyes. This was so humiliating; the host of the party eating almost a whole pizza and getting so drunk he couldn’t even see straight had to be quite a sight.  

In his drunken, overstuffed haze, he could make out someone sitting next to him. Bill felt a familiar hand on his belly, gently rubbing in small circles.

“Hey, you ok?” Gustav quietly asked. Bill slowly opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend, groaning in both pain and pleasure from the belly rub. “Uggghhh...a-ate too much...urrrp…” Bill slurred. Gustav tried but failed to hold back a giggle. “Yea, I can see that…I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so full…” He didn’t want to admit it, but seeing Bill so helpless and stuffed to the point of bursting was kind of arousing; he usually only fed Bill until he was just uncomfortably full.

A deep blush crept across Bill’s face. “Everyone's lookinggg…” Bill mumbled, turning his head away in humiliation as another belch rumbled out of him. “ me, no one is looking…” Gustav whispered, leaning closer to his overfed love. He wasn’t lying; almost everyone was out in the backyard enjoying the summer weather and of course, the pool Bill recently had installed. Anyone else in the house was either just as drunk as Bill or too invested in someone else to notice or care about his achy dilemma.

“C’mon, let’s get you up.” Gustav said, standing up and grabbing Bill’s arms. “Ok, on the count of three -” Bill sloppily wrapped his arms around Gustav’s back, nodding as he leaned forward. “- one, two, three!” Gustav lifted with all of his strength as Bill lazily heaved himself up from the couch.

He was standing, but not straight. Gustav could really feel just how full Bill’s belly was as the hard, tight mass pushed into his own stomach. He nudged Bill forward to keep him from falling and sending all 350 pounds of him from landing on both him and the floor.

“Alright, c’mon - let’s go upstairs…” Gustav said, wrapping his arm around Bill’s soft waist. Bill only could reply with a groan and a soft burp. They stumbled up the stairs slowly, Bill dizzily waddling and stumbling as he reached for the railing. His belly and rolls jiggled and wobbled with each strenuous step until they finally reached the top.

Gustav lead Bill into his bedroom, gently laying him down on the bed. Bill shut his eyes and nuzzled into the pillow, finally feeling some relief from his roiling guts. Gustav stepped out for a second, but ran back in holding wipes. He sat next to Bill, leaning forward and gently wiping off his makeup. “There we go - don’t want you to stain the pillows now…” Gustav murmured. Bill moaned and sleepily nodded, but suddenly winced as his belly gurgled, placing a hand on it and rubbing softly.

“R-rub...pleaseee…urp...” Bill slurred, sounding as pathetic as he felt. Without question, Gustav placed both of his hands on his rumbling belly and began massaging tenderly. The soft stroking and kneading was definitely helping as Gustav could see, with Bill relaxing and closing his eyes, belching loudly every so often from the gentle pressure.

It must have been almost an hour before Gustav stopped. He leaned forward and kissed Bill on the forehead, covering him with the blanket. “I have to go back to the party, but I’ll be back to check on you soon…” He whispered, Bill smiling and blushing. “Try to sleep it off while I’m gone, alright?” Bill groaned and nodded in response, sloshing his belly to the side as he rolled over.

Gustav smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He got up and walked out the door, but not before taking one last look at his sleeping sweetheart. Bill was just so beautiful when he slept, even his inebriated and overstuffed state. “Love you…” Gustav whispered as he closed the lights and shut the door.
Bill's Bellyache (One Shot)
woo, it's been a while; you can blame college (and overall lack of motivation) for that Sweat Drop 

Anyways, here's a quick little one shot featuring guys from some emo band, Tokyo Motel or something? Either way, it's based on this little doodle from a few years ago:…
These might come every so often, whenever inspiration hits I guess. Hope you enjoy! Blue Heart Icon 

I haven't listened to Tokio Hotel in years and yet I keep thinking of fic prompts lol why do I wanna fatten these boys so much



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